10 Best Mountain Bike Trails In Oregon

Mountain Bike Trail In Oregon

The beautiful state of Oregon has some breathtaking destinations for mountain bikers. Countless high-quality mountain bike trails in Oregon feature cascading mountain forests that are lush. You can also find some vast open and dry desert lands in the eastern section. As a mountain biker, you will love to explore and mountain bike in Bend, … Read more

6 Best Mountain Bike Jerseys 2021

Mountain Bike Jerseys

Wearing the best mountain bike jerseys not only look stylish but are highly breathable. They also have a great fit and keep you cool. Most people consider these jerseys to be just like any other t-shirts but with a hefty price tag on them. These jerseys have a specific purpose to serve, and they do … Read more

10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in New Mexico

No wonder, the state of New Mexico is filled with some great mountain bike trails. No matter what kind of rider you are and what your skill set is, if you are down in New Mexico, then you need to check these trails out for sure. Mountain bike trails in New Mexico are breathtaking. This … Read more

How To Reduce Mountain Bike Weight?

Mountain Bike Weight

Looking to cut your mountain bike weight down? It’s not uncommon for mountain bikers to complain about a heavy bike. After all, the stunts and maneuvering don’t sit well with a heavy bike. But how do you cut the weight down on your mountain bike? One of the easiest ways to do so (and the … Read more

What Are Mullet Mountain Bikes?

Mullet bikes are gaining popularity among the MTB community, and we can only wonder why. If the word “mullet” is giving you flashbacks of retro mullet haircuts, you’re indeed on the right track. Much like a real-life mullet, mullet mountain bikes have an imbalance of wheel sizes. Typically, the front wheel is 29 inches, while … Read more

7 Best Mountain Bike Phone Holders 2021

Mountain biking is one of the best ways to improve fitness and to explore the wilderness, especially when you have access to good mountain bike and trails. The best mountain bike phone holders are additional sets of accessories that make it possible for you to look at your mobile device. There are many reasons you … Read more

Can You Ride A Mountain Bike On The Road?

Most people choose a mountain bike for their off-road adventures. After all, these bikes are great when it comes to riding on the trails. But there is a significant number of people who want to know if they can ride their mountain bikes on paved surfaces or roads! This guide will settle the debate of … Read more

Carbon Vs Aluminum Mountain Bikes?

Carbon Vs Aluminum

Aluminum has long been used to make lightweight and durable mountain bike frames. This material was once considered the pinnacle of mass production mountain bikes once it replaced the heavier stainless steel. It happened because bikers worldwide were looking for lighter frame materials to handle the bike more efficiently without losing the sturdiness. But what … Read more

6 Best Mountain Bike Cleaning Kits

Anyone who owns a bike knows one thing; maintenance is essential. And no, we’re not just talking about the occasional tire pressure check or chain lubing. Your bike requires a complete maintenance check every few weeks. So, where should a newbie start? Fortunately, there are a few bike cleaning kits that work wonders. These kits … Read more

6 Best Mud Guards For Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Mud Guards

One thing off-roaders can all agree on is how messy the situation can get. Even when you’re riding high-speed through a clear track, mud can always find its way on your clothes. And that’s where mud guards for mountain bikes come in. While relatively simple products, mudguards are as crucial as any other component. They … Read more