10 Best Mountain Bike Full-Face Helmets

Mountain bike full-face helmets are absolutely a necessity if you plan to try some new stunts. Even if you are very skilled at what you do and have years of experience, you will still need protection. And that protection only comes from these full-face mountain bike helmets. Of course, you don’t need these for all … Read more

Hydraulic Disc Brakes Vs. Mechanical Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes vs. mechanical

One of the most common topics in the biking world is “hydraulic disc brakes vs. mechanical disc brakes.” And so it should be because most of the bikes either come with hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical ones. Hydraulic disc brakes are the dominant of the two. These brakes are complex but reliable. However, mechanical brakes … Read more

How To Measure the Wheel Size of a Bike?

Wheel Size of A Mountain Bike

So, are you looking to purchase a replacement or a spare tire for your mountain bike? But you don’t know how to measure the wheel size of a bike? In this guide, we will list some details associated with how to measure the wheel size of a bike. And the best part is that you … Read more

What Does It Cost To Tune Up A Bike?

Cost to tune up a bike

Most people think it’s all over once you have bought your favorite mountain bike. They tend to forget that you also need to take your bike and show it some love. The best part is that the cost to tune up a bike is not that much, provided you keep a regular check. A regular … Read more

How To Tighten A Chain On A Bike

If you need to know how to tighten a chain on a bike, you have come to the right place. This guide will explain why you have to do it and how it should be done. Loose chains tend to come pretty easily; therefore, you have to take care of that sag in your chain … Read more

What Is A 29er Mountain Bike?

29er Mountain Bike

You might have heard about 29ers. People say these bikes are great for efficient traveling speed and are pretty comfortable to ride. But what is a 29er mountain bike? In layman’s language, it’s a mountain bike that comes with bigger wheels. And bigger wheels translate into more travel with less effort. These bikes come with … Read more

What Is Down Country Mountain Biking?

Down Country Mountain Biking

A particular type of bike is much simpler to ride, and you can ride it quicker in a range of different settings. With both these features, you will cover much more ground and have more fun. Short travel, lighter weight, progressive geometry, and riding far is all about down country mountain biking. You will be … Read more

9 Best Upgrades For A Mountain Bike

You need the best mountain bike upgrades to customize your bike to make it a lot more comfortable and improve its performance. With these upgrades, you can transform the performance of your bike. You might be thinking that maybe these upgrades are for the old mountain bikes. But that is not the case! Even if … Read more

6 Best Handlebars For Mountain Bikes 2021

Handlebars for Mountain Bikes

Handlebars for mountain bikes are built differently from regular bike bars. But the best handlebars might not be that easy to find. A lot goes into making a good handlebar. The right look, the correct geometry, and the perfect material choice. With the appropriate handlebar, it’ll be like soaring through the clouds. But how do … Read more

10 Best Mountain Bike Trails In Oregon

Mountain Bike Trail In Oregon

The beautiful state of Oregon has some breathtaking destinations for mountain bikers. Countless high-quality mountain bike trails in Oregon feature cascading mountain forests that are lush. You can also find some vast open and dry desert lands in the eastern section. As a mountain biker, you will love to explore and mountain bike in Bend, … Read more