6 Best Pants For Mountain Biking

As an amateur mountain biker, clothing might not seem that important. While it might not have any real effects if you are just starting, having ultimate comfort will be important as you become more experienced. The best pants for mountain biking should ensure that you have maximum comfort and performance.

When it comes to buying clothing, there are a couple of factors that need to be kept in mind. One of these factors is which clothing you choose. During the winter season, you would need warm clothing and the opposite is true during the summer.

Aside from these pants, there are many more different options you can choose from. We have isolated a few of the best options on the market today. This article aims to help you better understand which pants will give you comfort, while also helping with performance. The buyer’s guide that follows will show you how we went about selecting them:

FORBEMK Men’s Bike PantsNylon/ SpandexWinter$$5/5
Fox Racing Men’s Flexair Pro Fire Alpha Mountain Biking PantPolyester/ SpandexWinter & Summer$$$5/5
Troy Lee Designs Men’s Sprint PantsPolyester/ SpandexWinter & Summer$$$5/5
POC Resistance Pro DH PantsNylon/ CorduraSummer & Winter$$$$$5/5
Troy Lee Designs Skyline PantsPolyester/ LycraWinter & Summer$$$4/5
O’Neal Legacy MTB PantsNylon/ SpandexSummer$$5/5

Best Pants For Mountain Biking

While it could be tempting to check the features and go buy new pants, we would recommend that you consider some of the products we selected. Many of these products will help you see how the features integrate to make them the best. The following options are some of the best we would consider on the market today:

Best Overall Mountain Biking Pants: FORBEMK Men’s Bike Pants

If versatility is what you are looking for the FORBEMK Men’s Bike Pants are some of the best on the market today. These pants are made from a combination of nylon and spandex and offer a design that will stretch. The stretching feature around the knees will easily accommodate your kneepads and provide efficient comfort.

One of the main reasons for including them has to be the versatility. These pants are water-resistant and can be used in water when fishing. They are not as expensive as some of the specialized pants, but they will get the job done. If you need something comfortable for all your outdoor needs, these are the pants to use.

What We Like:

  • Anti-wrinkle You don’t have to worry about the pants wrinkling when you wear them and they will not irritate you
  • Stretching: Since they can stretch significantly around your body parts, these pants will make it possible to wear kneepads
  • Price: Those looking to save a few bucks will certainly enjoy these pants for overall affordability.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Warm: Unfortunately, they can be too warm to wear in the summer, so you might need more ventilation.

Best Winter Mountain Bike Pants: Fox Racing Men’s Flexair Pro Fire Alpha Mountain Biking Pant

Longer pants can often be more comfortable in the winter and offer better all-around protection. The Fox Racing Men’s Flexair Pro Fire Alpha Mountain Biking Pant are some of the best for these conditions. They are made from Ripstop fabric, which means they should hold up against abrasions or any other form of a tear. The addition of Cordura will add a bit more durability.

According to the manufacturer, these pants will keep you warm in all conditions. The Polartec Alpha insulation is made to be functional when you are riding in muddy or snowy conditions. Additionally, the slim fit will keep the fabric away from the drivetrain to ensure you don’t have any snagging. The only complaint we have is the price.

What We Like:

  • Durable: In terms of durability, it is very hard to match these pants and the Ripstop Nylon will ensure durability.
  • Slim Fit: Having a slim fit means the pants don’t run the risk of being caught up in the drivetrain of your bike.
  • All-Weather: If versatility is what you are looking for, these pants should be perfect and they will work in all conditions.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Price: Once again, we have to grapple with the price. These are some of the most expensive pants on the market.

Best All-Weather Pants For Mountain Biking: Troy Lee Designs Men’s Sprint Pants

Troy Lee Designs is one of the top brands when it comes to outdoor cycling clothing. The Troy Lee Designs Men’s Sprint Pants are designed to give you versatility for all cycling-related situations. Made from polyester and spandex, they have an oversized design that offers comfort for virtually any rider that needs them.

While they fit like a dream, the only downside is the lack of pockets, unfortunately, these pants do not offer you the option of having storage space for your essentials. The pricing is close to that of many other special brands. We should also mention that it features ventilation to ensure you have more than enough breathability.

What We Like:

  • Comfort: One of the major features is the level of comfort that these pants offer during all seasons.
  • Ventilation: Having perfect ventilation is ideal to ensure that you can use these pants in the summer.
  • Durable: Having plenty of durabilities is important when ensuring that your pants will last, especially the reinforced stitching.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Storage: One of the downsides is that these pants do not have adequate storage for essentials.

Best Trail Riding Pants: POC Resistance Pro DH Pants

Trail riding is slightly more complicated and you often have to deal with tedious terrains. If you accidentally fall, you will need something durable enough to keep you protected. The POC Resistance Pro DH Pants are made from nylon and Cordura materials. Not only will this stretch, but keep you warm in all conditions.

The pre-fitted shape means that these pants will mold to the shape of your body and ensure you have overall comfort. You won’t have any pockets for storing your gear, but your pants should be durable. The biggest downside is the price. You will notice that these are some of the most expensive pants on the market today.

What We Like:

  • Durable: The biggest benefit is the durability of the materials used for these pants. They generally hold up well.
  • Pre-fitted: Having pre-fitted pants removes the break-in period and these should mold to the shape of your body.
  • Ventilation: Fortunately, these pants have adequate ventilation and you could use them in all conditions.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Price: The biggest downside is the price and these are some of the most expensive pants on the market.

Best Long Pants For Mountain Biking: Troy Lee Designs Skyline Pants

Riding your bike in shorts during the winter might not be fun. However, when you have comfortable pants like the Troy Lee Designs Skyline Pants will ensure that you can deal with almost all weather conditions life throws at you. These pants have a slim fit that will help keep your pants from snagging on the drivetrain.

The pants have the same features you have come to expect from good quality mountain bike pants. However, laser cutting technology is used to ensure you have optimal ventilation. The pants also offer more than enough comfort when it comes to sitting in the saddle for longer days. We also like the affordable price.

What We Like:

  • Fit: With such a comfortable fit, these pants should give you all the value you need to wear over the long term.
  • Room For Kneepads: Wearing kneepads is an important part of safety and these pants will make it work.
  • Price: When buying longer pants, they tend to be expensive. However, these are slightly more affordable.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Ventilation: Even with laser cutting, when you add the kneepads, the pants might prevent some ventilation.

Most Comfortable Mountain Bike Pants: O’Neal Men’s Legacy MTB Pants

Comfort is one of the most important features you have to consider when buying mountain bike pants. The O’Neal Men’s Legacy MTB Pants are some of the most comfortable on the market today and offer you incredible versatility. Made from polyester and nylon, they take two of the best materials to make something for all weather conditions.

One of the features we like the most is the storage pockets. These pants have ample storage space for all your personal belongings. The price is similar to what you see from many of the top brands. There are various colors to choose from as well. However, they are not ideal when it comes to offering them the ability to stretch.

What We Like:

  • Versatile: These pants are made to resemble versatility and will offer you the right versatility for all situations.
  • Breathable: The addition of polyester will add some form of ventilation that makes them comfortable in the summer.
  • Style: With the tight fit and numerous color options, you can easily find the ideal style for your needs.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Stretching: One of the biggest weaknesses of these pants is the ability to stretch. They often lack functionality.

What You Need To Look For In The Best Pants For Mountain Biking

Now that you have seen some of the top options, we should look at which features are the most important to consider. We have isolated a few of the prominent features that make mountain biking pants stand out. If you don’t agree with the products we selected, you can use these features to find something else:


You must consider something functional and durable. This means you should look at the materials. Not only should they be durable, but they should also stretch. If they can stretch, they don’t run the risk of tearing. We would recommend looking for materials like spandex or even elastane when choosing.

Seasonal Options

You want to determine what the weather is like before making your purchase. If you are riding in the winter, you might need something that offers you more protection. A winter set of pants can be used in the summer but does not always offer enough ventilation.


The final piece to the puzzle is looking at storage space. You always want adequate storage space and to make sure you can comfortably store all your essentials. If you are taking a backpack, you don’t need pockets. However, many of these pants are versatile for all conditions and uses. We would recommend looking for pockets.


The best mountain bike pants will offer you great value for your money and ensure you have adequate protection. We have selected 6 of the best options on the market today and these should give you all the value that you need. Let us know in the comment section, which options you prefer and if we missed any of your favorites.

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