5 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes for Beginners

Much like all sports, women are also entering the cycling industry. The women’s racing tournaments are gradually picking up speed, which means that every woman might be looking for a great mountain bike. The best women’s mountain bikes varies slightly from those of the men, while having the same features, but smaller designs to make them more comfortable.

Best Women's mountain bike

If you are looking for the best mountain bike, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top mountain bikes that women from all around the world can buy. Many of these bikes are unisex, with numerous features on the smaller bikes for women. Our small buyer’s guide will also give you some insight into selecting these bikes. We have touched on some of the best bikes available like the Juliana or Yeti and also added some budget friendly bikes like the Fuse Comp and Scott Contessa.

 Juliana Maverick X01 CCSpecialized Fuse Comp 29Scott Contessa Active 50  Yeti SB140 Turq T2Cannondale Habit Women’s 1
Frame TypeFull-SuspensionHardtailHardtailFull-SuspensionFull-Suspension
Frame MaterialsCarbon FiberAluminumAlloyCarbon FIberCarbon Fiber
BrakesDual Disc BrakesDual Disc BrakesHydro Disc BrakesDual Disc BrakesDual Disc Brakes
Best Women’s Mountain Bike Compared

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes Selection On The Market Today

Without spending too much time boring you with the marketing gibberish, we believe you need to look at the facts and understand how each of these mountain bikes works. We have done some in-depth consideration, looking even deeper at the features, but helping you understand what they all mean and how they work.

Top Pick: Juliana Maverick X01 CC

The Juliana Maverick X01 CC is considered one of the top bikes, with special features dedicated specifically to the female riders. The bike features a full-suspension design and you can find it in two different carbon fiber forms for the frame. The bike is also available in 29-inches for the larger riders among us.

Best bike for women

SRAM is the sponsor for the drivetrain and shifters, as buyers can choose between the 12 and 14-speed shifters. Dual disc brakes are implemented for the front and rear of the bike, adding some additional stopping power for riders. It is one of the top bikes but could be a bit overpriced for the beginners.


  • Full Carbon Frame: Thanks to the full carbon frame, both versions of the bike are only around 15-pounds in total weight.
  • Racing Design: All the components of this bike are designed for racing to help you achieve top speeds.
  • Multiple Sizes: The bike is ergonomic for women, but they have a variety of sizes available for all riders.


  • Price: The only downside is that the bike is one of the more expensive versions, but should do anything you need to.

Best Hardtail Bike: Specialized Fuse Comp 29

For any beginner, the hardtail bike is one of the best options to get started. These bikes are often more affordable and they make climbing much easier. We have selected the Specialized Fuse Comp 29 as one of the best hardtail bikes on the market today. The bike features a stylish aluminum frame, which could add some weight, but still gives you a top riding bike.

best hardtail for women

In terms of the size, you can find the bike in multiple different sizes, which includes the oversized 29er for larger riders. It also features mechanical disc brakes that should give you the best stopping power, while adding peace of mind. The hardtail design might not absorb a lot of shocks, but climbing will be much easier with it.


  • Affordable: Due to the aluminum frame and hardtail design, it remains an affordable high-end mountain bike.
  • Drivetrain: You will have access to the SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain with 12-speeds for navigating any terrain with ease.
  • Large Sizes: Once again, we have a wide selection of sizes, including the larger 29-inch for bigger riders.


  • Weight: The aluminum frame makes it a bit heavier at just under 32-pounds for the extra-large version of the bike.

Best Entry- Level Mountain Bike: Scott Contessa Active 50

One thing you will notice when you start cycling is that these mountain bikes can be very expensive. As a beginner, you don’t need a top bike and you can settle for a budget bike like the Scott Contessa Active 50. The bike is made with a alloy frame but features enough durability to make it worth your while as a beginner.

best women's mountain bike for entry level

Shimano is now the main provider of the drivetrain, which means that you have the reliability to work with. Even with the affordability of the bike, you will still have access to the hydraulic disc brakes for ultimate stopping power. We recommend the bike for the affordable price of the frame and the functionality for beginners.


  • Durability: One of the main features is the durability of the bike, which is a direct result of the steel used in the frame.
  • Ergonomic Design: The bike feature short-reach brake levers, which make it more comfortable for females and shorter riders.
  • Price: You will immediately notice that it is one of the cheapest bikes you can find with quality parts and accessories.


  • Weight: Due to the alloy frame you need to deal with, the bike weighs around 32.6-pounds.

Best Full-Suspension Mountain Bike: Yeti SB140 Turq T2

Any woman that is serious about cycling, will eventually need to look at some of the better bikes. The dual-suspension mountain bikes feature a front and rear suspension system and while they are more expensive, they are better for downhill riding. We have selected the Yeti SB140 Turq T2 as the best women’s mountain bike.

The bike features a carbon fiber frame and you have dual disc brakes at your disposal to ensure optimal stopping power. Additionally, those who love to jump mountain bikes will love the front and rear shocks, with their designs to absorb some of the landing pressure. It is also worth noting that the bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Carbon Frame: Due to the carbon fiber frame of the bike, it is one of the lightest with a weight of only 6.8-pounds when assembled.
  • Switch Infinity Suspension: If you want a functional suspension, the special suspension on this bike is proven to help riders downhill.
  • Lifetime Warranty: if you comply with all the specifications, you have a limited lifetime warranty of the bike.


  • Oversized: Unfortunately, the bike is available in larger sizes, which might not be comfortable for all women.

Best Women’s Mountain Bike For Versatility: Cannondale Habit Women’s 1

The name Cannondale is synonymous with performance in the modern era of cycling. It has made a lot of strides in the Tour de France, with sponsors to brand such as BMC. The Cannondale Habit Women’s 1 is an all-round mountain bike with a full suspension frame. However, the rear suspension can easily be adjusted if needed.

best women's mountain bike for versatility

The bike features Hi-Riser handlebars and according to the experts, it does not excel at one thing but will give you the best of all worlds. With its carbon fiber frame, the bike weighs in at only 30.9-pounds. However, this includes all the components of the frame and some of the top accessories that have been added.


  • SRAM Drivetrain: Much like some of the other top brands, this one features the SRAM Eagle drivetrain for reliability.
  • Full-Suspension: The full-suspension design will help you when going downhill and picking up speed.
  • Durable Frame: You will have full use of the carbon frame. However, the aluminum fork and rims can add some weight to the bike.


  • Jack Of All Trades: Unfortunately, the bike does not specifically excel at anything, but gives you the best of both worlds.

What To Look For In The Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

If you look through the list, it might look simple and easy to find the right mountain bike. While it is not hard if you know what to look for and what you will need, there are a few essential features to keep in mind. These features are not only limited to the best women’s mountain bikes but can be used for other top mountain bikes as well.

best women's mountain bike

Frame Types

For road bikes, you don’t have such a selection of frames, but when looking for a mountain bike, you will need to choose between the full-suspension frame and the hardtail frame. The hardtail frames are much cheaper, but they lack the shock absorbing potential of the full-suspension frame. Alternatively, the full-suspension frames have a little bit of drag that keeps you back when climbing.

Frame Materials

If you want the best bikes, carbon fiber will be the material you are going for. However, carbon fiber bikes can be very expensive and you might need to opt for aircraft-grade aluminum. It is slightly heavier but offers the same durability. It is recommended that beginners choose the heavier steel frame, which is also much cheaper.

Brake Types

In the world of cycling, the modern disc brakes are a no-brainer for those that want ultimate stopping power. Disc brakes clamp down much harder on the wheels, while cantilever brakes will require few yards to bring the bike to a stop. Nowadays, the prices of disc brakes have dropped significantly giving you more reason to find them.


The best women’s mountain bikes are the perfect option for any female rider looking to have some fun on trails. These bikes are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. When it comes to quality bikes, you might need to dole out a couple of bucks, but in the long-term, you can also save a lot of funds on replacement bikes. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any of the top bikes you might like.

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