Carbon Vs Aluminum Mountain Bikes?

Carbon Vs Aluminum

Aluminum has long been used to make lightweight and durable mountain bike frames. This material was once considered the pinnacle of mass production mountain bikes once it replaced the heavier stainless steel. It happened because bikers worldwide were looking for lighter frame materials to handle the bike more efficiently without losing the sturdiness. But what … Read more

What Are Plus Size Mountain Bike Tires?

Plus Size Mountain Bike Tires

Intro to Plus Sized Tires Plus size mountain bike tires have taken the MTB world by storm. If you’ve been keeping up with the mountain bike world, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Plus-size tires are bigger and broader tires seated on regular bikes. There are several benefits to this: improved traction, better obstacle clearance, … Read more

Why Is Mountain Biking Better Than Running?

Mountain Biking Vs Runing

You just heard from a friend that they started mountain biking, and you should do it too. Lovely! But why so? Whatever you can accomplish with mountain biking, can’t you do the same with running? Well, as it turns out, that’s not always the case. While your goals may be different, mountain biking is better … Read more

When Should I Replace My Mountain Bike Tires?

29er Wheels

Mountain bike tires are what keep you connected to the ground and are one of the most important parts when riding. The best mountain bike tires will ensure you have adequate grip and it also serves as a safety feature for your bike while giving you more performance. However, many people ask “When Should I … Read more

How To Adjust A Bike Seat (9 Basic Steps)

How To Adjust A Bike Seat

Cycling is about comfort just as much as it is about performance. One cannot achieve peak performance if you are not comfortable with your bike. Once you understand how to adjust a bike seat, you should be able to find the right height. While it will for mountain bikes to help you reduce the strain … Read more

How To Do A Bike Wheelie? Step by Step

How to Wheelie a bike

In general, how to do a bike wheelie is something that requires a lot of practice. It’s all just a balancing act, and once you understand how it all works, it won’t be a thing at all. But here’s a thing! Learning this trick is not that easy. Even some of the professionals out there … Read more

How Many Calories Do You Burn Mountain Biking?

While most of us enjoy mountain biking for the fun and the challenge of the sport, many individuals choose mountain biking for fitness. It is one of the best methods of retaining fitness and will help you improve as well. If you are looking to lose weight, you might have wondered how many calories do … Read more

Why Renting a Mountain Bike is a Good Idea?

Renting a Mountain bike

If you have your plans for this summer and are heading to the mountains with your family, your mountain bike will provide you an opportunity to try something new. And of course, your family and friends can join you on the trail. That would be a great story to share with your loved ones! But … Read more

Schrader Vs Presta Valve: What’s The Difference?

Schrader vs Presta Valve

Schrader Vs Presta Valve: What’s The Difference? Thinking about the difference between a Schrader vs Presta valve? When you visit the bike shop and they ask about the bike stem you use. This guide will tell you all you need to know about these two different types of bike stems. And of course, you will … Read more