5 Best Mountain Bikes For Kids

While we are consistently looking out for the best mountain bikes for ourselves, we often neglect the kids’ mountain bikes. Mountain biking for kids has become more popular in recent years and as you remove the training wheels, they have more access to competitions and the ability to tackle kids-specific trails. The Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike is one of the best beginner mountain bikes through the teenage years of your kid.

mountain biking for kids

However, not many people put thought into buying a mountain bike for their kids until the kids show some interest in the sport at a higher level. At first, it is simpler to buy something cheap, but a better mountain bike can also encourage your kids to perhaps pursue the sport of mountain biking and the lifestyle.

Top 5 Mountain Bikes For Kids

Frame MaterialsFrame TypeWheel SizePriceRating
Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain BikeSteelHardtail20-inch$$★★★★★
Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain BikeAluminumFull-Suspension20-inch$$$$★★★★★
RALEIGH Bikes Rowdy Kids BikeSteelHardtail12-inch$★★★★
Raleigh Bikes MXR Kids BikeSteelHardtail/Training14-inch$$★★★★
Roadmaster Granite Peak Girl’s Mountain BikeSteelHardtail24-inch$$★★★★★

Best Mountain Bike For Kids On The Market Today

While you need to consider a few important features for your kids, most brands have made it easy to buy a complete bike from the onset. We have targeted a few of these top bikes, making it easier for you to find the right bike. The following mountain bikes tend to be effective and could lead to an even better experience for your kids.

Best Mountain Bike For Kids: Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike

One of the best mountain bike brands by far is Huffy. Huffy has been around for many years, producing consistent bikes of quality. The Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike features a hardtail design, which is complemented with a 6-speed drivetrain. The bike is made from steel, which promotes the overall durability.

Best Mountain Bike For Kids

While assembly can be tedious for many parents, the bike is 20-inches in size, which means that teens should be able to use it for a couple of years. ATB resin-type pedals are ergonomic and provide a comfortable riding experience, but the hardtail design is what you will need for scaling large uphill sections.


  • Reliable Brand: Huffy has been around for several years, providing some of the top bikes available.
  • Ergonomic design: The overall design of the bike is ergonomic and comfortable for most kids to start.
  • Easy Adjustment: As your kid ages, the easy adjustment on the seat can be handy in helping them find a comfortable seat.


  • Assembly: One of the things that some adults might have trouble with is the assembly of the bike. However, you have a clear tutorial.

Best Mountain Bike For Climbing: Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

Another top brand in the world of cycling is Mongoose and they have a slightly larger bike in the Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike. The bike is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, giving you a lightweight bike, which is easy to maneuver. The bike also features a full suspension design to reduce the strain on the rider.

Best Mountain Bike For Climbing

To allow the kid to get used to the idea of shifting the gears, Mongoose and Shimano have collaborated to give you a 7-speed drivetrain. The drivetrain enables you to choose the gear, which is the most comfortable for your kid. Additionally, it arrives partially assembled, with small things like the brakes that need to be fitted.


  • Lightweight: Using aircraft-grade aluminum might spike the price of the bike, but keeps it lightweight while retaining durability.
  • Partially Assembled: As a parent, you only have a few things that you need to worry about when it arrives.
  • Full Suspension: To reduce the strain on your body, the full-suspension will counteract any bumps for less strain downhill.


  • Price: Unfortunately, it is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, but the price is worth it for the features.

Best Unisex Kids Bike: RALEIGH Bikes Rowdy Kids Bike

The smaller your kid is, the harder it is to find a decent mountain bike. However, the RALEIGH Bikes Rowdy Kids Bike is designed for both boys and girls with 16-inch wheels. Made from solid steel, the bike is a bit heavy but retains durability well throughout its life. It also features V-brakes for additional stopping power.

One of the main reasons for including the bike is the efficiency it has when riding on different terrains. Additionally, there are numerous colors available, which accommodate both boys and girls. As for the assembly, you don’t have to worry much, as the bike will arrive mostly assembled with a few details to be added.


  • Unisex: As mentioned, it is available in numerous colors and styles that should accommodate boys and girls.
  • Stopping Power: Most bikes for children have linear brakes, but the V-brakes can be better for stopping.
  • Affordable: Since it is designed for children, you don’t need to worry about paying the same price as the high-end mountain bikes.


  • Heavy: You might need to help your kid get it up and start riding. Unfortunately, it is one of the heavier bikes.

Best Training Wheel Bike: Raleigh Bikes MXR Kids Bike

The younger your kid is, the more support they will need with their bike. Fortunately, training wheels are very effective at providing the needed support and will keep the bike upright. One of the best options is the Raleigh Bikes MXR Kids Bike, which already comes with the right training wheels fitted for kids.

Best Training Wheel Bike

It is not a complicated bike to understand and can be set up in just a couple of minutes. The bike is available in numerous colors, but the design is mainly for the boys. With the training wheels included, it remains one of the cheapest options on the market today. We would recommend it for children aged 3-6 years old.


  • Beginners Bike: With this bike, you don’t need to worry about the drivetrain or any other special features.
  • Budget: Training wheels can be expensive, but the bike already includes all the training wheels you will need.
  • Durable: Steel tubing forms the main part of the frame, allowing the bike to take a few falls and bumps.


  • 12-inch Wheels: Unfortunately, your kid might rapidly outgrow the 12-inch wheels that are fitted to the unit.

Best Mountain Bike For Girls: Roadmaster Granite Peak Girl’s Mountain Bike

Since the female riders are often forgotten in the best mountain bike discussions, we have decided to find the best kids mountain bike for girls. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Girl’s Mountain Bike is one of the top options, featuring 24-inch wheels with a solid steel frame. The colors are indicative of what most women might like.

Best Mountain Bike For Girls

While the bike is ideal for the ladies, it is 24-inches in size, which means it could be a bit large for some of the shorter girls. However, it will be an ideal bike for them to grow into while learning some of the cycling skills. We would recommend it for the stylish design and quality features posed to the female riders.


  • Designed for women: One of the core features is the fact that the bike is designed for ladies, with an ergonomic frame.
  • Adjustable: Since teenage girls can be short, it is worth mentioning that the seat is adjustable to the desired height.
  • Durable Frame: Like many of the other bikes on the list, steel is used for the frame to ensure overall durability.


  • Large Tires: At 24-inches, the bike might be oversized for some of the shorter ladies to start with at a young age.
Kid biking of a jump

3 Things You Should Look For In The Best Kids Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking for kids might seem like a simple topic, but most of the traditional features you look for in the top mountain bikes will apply. We have isolated a few of these features, making it possible for you to find the right mountain bike for your kid. The following features are deemed important for kids mountain bikes:

1.  Frame Consideration

While it is not as important to find the right frame like it is as an adult, it could make your life significantly easier. Steel and aircraft-grade aluminum are two of the main choices, but both of them can be found at an affordable price. Aluminum is lightweight and provides you with decent durability for an extended time.

The frame types are pretty standard, with a hardtail mountain bike making more sense for children due to the simplicity of the bike. However, you can consider a full-suspension bike once the kid becomes more advanced in the sport.

2.  Training Wheel Compatibility

Not all kids might need training wheels, but most do when they start. You might need to consider the training wheel compatibility of the bike. It is worth noting that not all bikes have training wheels included. If you find a bike with training wheels, it can save you a couple of bucks and allow you more versatility when the kid wants to ride.

3.  Assembly

Since these bikes are small, they are easier to transport in smaller pieces. Unfortunately, it means you will need to assemble the bike once it arrives. Assembly can be tedious when you don’t have the right tools or skills. However, most brands will indicate the assembly requirements before you purchase the bike.


Mountain Biking for kids does not need to be as complicated as many experts make it out to be. Any of the bikes mentioned on our list will work for the intended purpose. You should be able to find the ideal bike for your kid while ensuring that they are safe. Once the kid becomes better at the sport, you might want to consider the top mountain bikes on the market today.

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