5 Best Mountain Bike Tires

If you are looking to trek through the outdoors, the mountain bike can be one of your best friends. These bikes have a variety of off-road features that make them effective in all walks of life. However, the best mountain bike tires will make life that much easier. Due to their longevity, they also have a longer lifespan and offer better traction.

Doing a simple internet search will reveal tons of mountain bike tires available today. Some of these might be cheap alternatives, but others will take your riding experience to the next level. The following article aims to identify the best mountain bike tires and help you find the ideal tires to get the job done.

  Tire BrandTire TypeTested SizePriceRating
Maxxis Minion DHF Wide Trail 3C/EXO/TR TireTubeless27.5-inches$$$★★★★★
MICHELIN Wild Enduro TireTubeless29-inches$$★★★★★
Vittoria Martello G2.0 Enduro 4C TireTubeless/Clincher29-inches$$★★★★★
SCHWALBE Hans Dampf HS491Tubeless29-inches$$$$★★★★★
WTB Convict TCS Tough/High Grip Folding Bicycle TireFolding27.5-inches$$★★★★

Top 5 Mountain Bike Tires On The Market Today

Selecting a mountain bike tire is pretty straightforward, you don’t have tons of features to consider, but there are a few that are important. Before diving into all of these features, we have decided to reveal some of the top tires for your bike. Regardless of the bike design, you should be able to set them up and make them work for you:

Top Pick: Maxxis Minion DHF Wide Trail 3C/EXO/TR Tire

The Maxxis Minion DHF Wide Trail 3C/EXO/TR Tire is a high-end tire that is designed for cornering grip. It features additional protection along the sides of the tire with large knobs that should make it more resilient on the turns. It features a size of 27.5-inches, which is ideal for some of the larger bikes and individuals.

Best Mountain Bike Tires

While it might not have the best rolling resistance, the tire has excellent braking traction. Due to the oversized nature of the rubber, it will stop instantly when combined with a decent drivetrain. It is also worth noting that this tire is for the front and the DHR will be needed for the rear tire. The tires are designed differently for better performance.


  • Braking Traction: If you love riding downhill or Enduro, these tires offer some of the best braking traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Cornering Traction: The EXO sidewall will add another layer of durability to the sides of the bike, which makes it durable in the corners.
  • Dual Compound: The manufacturer has taken a dual compound approach, which makes the tire much more durable in the long run.


  • Rolling Resistance: Due to the high rolling resistance of the tire, it will require some good technique to get the best out of it.

Best Enduro Mountain Bike Tire: MICHELIN Wild Enduro Tire

In the world of tires, Michelin has always been the king. Even in Formula 1 sport, they have been a great competitor to the Pirelli brand. However, the MICHELIN Wild Enduro Tire is one of the top options for those that enjoy an off-road enduro race. It is made from a harder rubber compound, which increases the durability of the tire.

Best Enduro Mountain Bike Tire

These tires can be found in a variety of sizes, for the popular 27.5 to the 29er. It is one of the largest tires on the market and should allow you to ride on it if you are a larger rider.


  • Reliable Brand: As mentioned, Michelin is one of the top brands on the market today and should be great for reliability.
  • Large Sizes: The size of this tire can reach 29-inches, making it a great option for 29er bikes.
  • Affordable: It is also one of the more affordable options on the market today, which means anyone can buy one.


  • Might Be Heavy: You might find this tire to be a little on the heavy side.

Best 29-inch Tire: Vittoria Martello G2.0 Enduro 4C Tire

If cornering is not one of your favorite parts of cycling, you might want to consider a fast-rolling tire. The Vittoria Martello G2.0 Enduro 4C Tire is designed specifically for the straights and while it might not have the best sidewalls, the tire will efficiently move you from one point to the other while generating some great speeds.

Best 29er Mountain Bike Tire

As mentioned, it might not be the best performance tire for sharp corners, but when you are dealing with fast corners, it will be great for speed retention. Additionally, the tire is easy to install and it should only take a few minutes. Yes, it can be used for the front and the rear of your mountain bike to ensure quality.


  • Easy Installation: Having a tire that can be installed with ease will always make your life that much easier.
  • Both Wheels: The tire can be mounted on the front and the rear of your mountain, regardless of your bike type.
  • Fast Rolling: As we have already mentioned, it does not have a lot of drag, and with the right mountain bike, the rolling is smooth.


  • Thin Sidewalls: The thin sidewalls mean that your edge retention will not be as great and the tire could wear on the sides.

Best High-End Mountain Bike Tires: SCHWALBE Hans Dampf HS491

Downhill riders might be looking for a tire that can drift around corners. A tire that drifts might not have the same traction as one that doesn’t, but it glides around the corners of the trail. The SCHWALBE Hans Dampf HS491is a high volume tire with a thin sidewall that will easily glide across almost any terrains you take on.

Best High-End Mountain Bike Tire

These tires are much larger than some of the competitors and can be used for virtually any terrain. However, they work best when mounted on the best trail bikes with a durable exterior. Additionally, the tires can be mounted to the front and rear of almost any bike, which gives you more versatility and complete balance.


  • Bulky Tire: The tires are bulky and slightly larger than competitors to offer you more grip on wet terrains.
  • Drifting: It does not stick to the surface to halt your progress but will glide through some of the corners.
  • Front and rear: You can mount them to the front and rear of your bike to give you optimal balance throughout.


  • Too Drifty: They might be too drifty for many riders, making it harder to stay on course without some skill.

Best Cornering Tire: WTB Convict TCS Tough/High Grip Folding Bicycle Tire

In most cycling situations, most of the falls occur when going around corners. The WTB Convict TCS Tough/High Grip Folding Bicycle Tire is one of the best at protecting the sidewall. It has a reinforced sidewall with an added grip that will stick the bike when you are going around corners. It is also one of the heavier tires available.

Best Cornering Mountain Bike Tire

The tire can be mounted on the front and the rear of your bike and it is best suited for the endure riders among us. The additional weight will increase the overall durability and make the tire useful for tough terrains. Unfortunately, the additional weight means that the bike will roll a bit slower when you increase speed.


  • Durable Tire: The tire is reinforced, which means it has additional durability that will make it work harder.
  • Traction: Compared to many of the other tires, you will have exceptional traction around corners with it.
  • Affordable: Most tires of this nature can be very expensive, but this one is on the affordable side of things.


  • Slow: Unfortunately, the tire is not designed for speed and will work better with some of the cheaper mountain bikes.
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3 Tips You Should Know Before Buying The Best Mountain Bike Tires

There are tons of tires on the market today and we have only isolated a few of them. However, not all tires are the same and the quality they offer will greatly vary. We have a few tips that could help you find the right tires for your bike. Here are some of the important features to keep in mind before making a purchase:

1. Size and Width

Mountain bike tires can be similar and the size or width of the tire can have a huge influence on your ride. The size is what you look for when you want a bigger tire, but it should also be compatible with the rim you have. Having more width translates to more traction with bigger sidewalls that will offer grip in the corners.

2. Rubber Compounds

It might seem like all of these tires are simply made from rubber. However, this is not the case and you will find that many rubber compounds are harder or softer. Softer rubber compounds are great for fast racing and they work well with some of the competition mountain bikes. However, these are the most expensive options.

3. Front Or Rear

Nowadays, the design of mountain bike tires has become more advanced. You can find different tires for the front and the rear of your bike. These will offer you more rolling and in certain cases more traction. It is best to look at the tire and find out if you can use it for the front and rear. Having the same brand tire fitted will give you more balance.


The best mountain bike tires will set you apart from the competition on the very same bike. These tires have been heavily tested to ensure they offer the best durability and traction. Since there are many more you could choose from, we would like to read some of your comments or recommendations if you have any.

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