Top 10 Online Mountain Bike Stores

Finding the right mountain bike might be more daunting than you could imagine. There are so many mountain bike stores, but with the world going online, it becomes easier to find what you are looking for online. The top 10 online mountain bike stores will give you a wide selection of options and great deals to look at.

We should also mention that if you have a local mountain bike store, you must support them first. Using your local mountain bike stores is a great way to get face-to-face service. If you can’t find what you are looking for locally, turning to an online store is a great bet.

With that being said, there are thousands of online stores, but only a few of them are valuable for your time and money. We aim to help you find the ideal mountain bike store that will ensure you get the perfect bike.

10 Best Online Mountain Bike Stores In The United States

If you are from elsewhere in the world, you might not have access to some of these stores. However, many of them offer shipping services to the global market. We have identified the top mountain bike stores that you can rely on:

1.      Mike’s Bikes

online mountain bike stores

Mike’s bikes was founded in 1964 and is said to have some of the first bikes for sale in the country. They operate 12 stores mostly over the west coast in the San Francisco area.

The online store at Mike’s Bikes has one mission. (To get more people on bikes). They have great brands to choose from like, Santa Cruz, Specialized, Orbea and many more. If you’re looking for a bike online, Mike’s is a good place to start.


  • A vast range of bike
  • Good entry-level bikes
  • Good Customer Service


  • A limited number of brands

2.      Backcountry

online mountain bike stores

Backcountry is very similar to Amazon. It features a wide selection of cheaper bikes, but you have the added benefit of the high-end brands. Backcountry is one of the more reliable retailers that offer great warranties and excellent shipping. You should find the perfect bike regardless of your skill level or budget.

Keep in mind that Backcountry does not have all the bikes you might need. However, the selection enables you to find numerous components. It is also the perfect bike shop to make necessary upgrades to your current bikes.


  • Vast selection of bikes
  • Vast selection of components
  • Reasonable prices


  • Not all high-end bikes are available

3.      Jenson USA

online mountain bike stores

If you are looking to branch out and you want to find one of the top bikes on the market today, Jenson USA should be your stop. It is probably the most respected online mega shop and features a large selection of different bike brands. Some of the brands include Giant, Banshee, and Yeti Cycles with their accessories.

With a streamlined page, it is easy to sift through the different pages and insert the correct filters that will enable you to find your ideal bike promptly. Those who want the best should consider Jenson USA.


  • Features High-end bikes
  • Great support
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Numerous parts and accessories


  • Prices can be expensive

4.      Competitive Cyclist

Competitive Cyclist is similar to Jenson USA. While it does not have the vast range that Jenson offers, it still gives you access to some of the top brands available. The detailed description will make it easy to find the details and you can create your own product reviews. This gives a bit more credibility to the site.

While offering unconditional lifetime returns, the brand has established itself as being reliable and offering some of the best customer support anyone could ask for. With all the components, you can even find yourself building your bike.


  • Reliable brands
  • Custom bike options
  • Create your product reviews
  • Unconditional lifetime returns


  • You have a limited selection of components

5.      Fanatik Bike

If traill riding and rugged off-road terrains are your aims, Fanatik bike can be the ideal shop for you. It is one of the only shops in the US that helps you find Morewood Bikes and they have incredible detail when you are searching for the ideal option.

While some of the bikes might not be recognized by many riders, you can be assured that they offer quality features. With a qualified team of support, you can be sure that you will find the ideal bike for your needs.


  • Sells Morewood Bikes
  • Qualified support
  • Personal experience


  • Not all accessories are always available

6.      Bikesonline

One of the first shops to pop up when searching for mountain bikes is Bikesonline. Bikesonline specializes in almost all mountain bikes and much like Amazon and Backcountry, it does not have a set niche market. You can find bikes of all shapes and types when looking for bikes here.

Additionally, there are plenty of unique components and features that can be used as accessories. With so much apparel in their stores, it is easy for you to find the right gear to match your specific cycling needs.



  • Very similar to online marketplaces

7.      Wrench Science

Many people love building their own bikes and using a bike builder to give them a visual and performance idea of how the bike will look. Wrench Science is another niche shop that offers you plenty of accessories. They primarily specialize in high-end bikes and high-end accessories to improve your bike.

Brands like BMC and Pinarello are commonly found on their websites. However, this online marketplace will offer you the opportunity to look at some of these brands. Unfortunately, these bikes tend to have hefty price tags.


  • Numerous high-end brands
  • Includes plenty of accessories
  • Custom bike builder


  • Expensive

8.      Go-Ride

When looking for an online bike store, the older bike stores are often more reliable due to their selection of quality features and components. Go-Ride is one of the older online stores and they offer excellent service. The Full-Fox Suspension service offers you a turnaround time of only 48-hours at the most.

One of the reasons for including them on the list is their selection of custom bikes. Some of these bikes have custom components and you can also order one of them. If you have the funds and you want something specialized, GO Ride might be your brand,


  • High-end bike options
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Numerous custom options
  • Reliable advice


  • It is very niche-specific

9.      Art’s Cyclery

Art’s Cyclery is quickly becoming one of the ultimate brands when it comes to mountain bike stores. The store features an incredible selection of bikes and accessories and all the details used are generally accurate. Whether you are searching for a cheap bike or something more expensive, this is the shop to rely on.

Aside from just buying bikes, they have a solid YouTube channel and new videos are released weekly. With your bike, you will also receive manuals and plenty of guides that serve as introductions.


  • Knowledgeable salespeople
  • Great YouTube presence
  • Manuals included
  • Accurate information


  • Not all brands are present

10. Universal Cycles

As a new cyclist, one of your main goals is to find something affordable to find out whether mountain biking is the sport for you. Universal Cycles can be one of the top brands for you to consider and they have numerous warehouses throughout the United States. Due to the storage they have, shipping is generally quick.

While you will find some great options, you should not expect to find every bike brand you are looking for. Most of the bikes are entry-level, but the custom bike builder will enable you to spread your creative wings.


  • Affordable online mountain bike store
  • Quick shipping
  • Online bike builder
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Not many high-end options are available


Finding the ideal bike for your skill level and needs can depend on a variety of factors. To ensure you can understand all these factors, you need an online store that makes it easy. The mountain bike online stores are perfect for casual shoppers. We would recommend checking out any of these options.

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