6 Best Mountain Bike Grips

Once you have the handlebars of the mountain bike sorted, the grip is another important aspect to look into. Grips are located on the handlebars and they will ensure that your hands never slip off the handlebars. However, it can be frustrating to ride a bike if you do not have the best mountain bike grips.

Best Mountain Bike Grips

Since there are tons of mountain bike grips on the market today, it is easy to get confused and find one that looks good. In the following article, we will not only focus on how the grips look but also look at the overall performance. With the added buyer’s guide, you should be able to easily find one that works best for your needs.

Ergon GA2 Handlebar GripsRubber Compound136mmSingle Clamp$$$★★★★★
Ergon GE1 Evo Handlebar GripsRubber CompoundDifferent Sizes AvailableSingle Clamp$$★★★★★
RaceFace Half Nelson Locking GripsRubber Compound122mmSingle Clamp$$★★★★
ODI Ruffian Handlebar GripAluminum/Rubber130mmDouble Clamp$$$★★★★★
Ergon GP1 Ergonomic Bicycle Handlebar GripsAluminum/Rubber130mmSingle Clamp$$$$★★★★★
Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle GripRubber150mmSlide On$★★★★★

Best Mountain Bike Grips On The Market Today

Before diving into the different features that make mountain bike grips stand out, we have decided to look at the grips themselves. We have selected a couple of the best grips on the market today, which should make it possible for you to have complete control over your mountain bike. You can combine them with the right handlebar height and have complete control.

1) Top Pick: Ergon GA2 Handlebar Grips

The first one on our list is one of the most effective on the market today. It is made from a medium rubber compound, but the sleek design makes it feel comfortable. The Ergon GA2 Handlebar Grips are 136mm in length and work as a functional grip that will promote good riding technique when you wear gloves.

Best Mountain Bike Grip
Best Mountain Bike Grip

The flat profile of the gloves means that they feel natural and you don’t need to deal with any bulky additions. It can also be said that it is an ergonomic grip. The single clamp design means that you can easily slide the grip onto the handlebars. You won’t need to spend a lot of time adjusting the fittings of the grip.


  • Single Clamp: The single clamp design means that it will take you only a few minutes to set them up on the handlebars.
  • Durable: Since rubber is used for the construction, you don’t need to deal with damage and wear the gloves so frequently.
  • Natural Feeling: One of the best features is the fact that these gloves have a very natural feeling for the rider.


  • Slippery: If you don’t wear gloves, you might find that wet weather conditions can make the gloves very slippery.

2) Best Stylish MTB Grips: Ergon GE1 Evo Handlebar Grips

Sticking with the Ergon brand, we have one of the top options that are very easy to use. The Ergon GE1 Evo Handlebar Grips feature a stylish design and the grips are constructed from durable rubber compounds. Once again, it has a single clamp design, which means you should be able to mount it in a few minutes.

Stylish Mountain Bike Grip
Stylish Mountain Bike Grip

While the rubber is classified as hard, it will feel soft in your hands. Additionally, it can mold to the shape of your hands to provide you additional comfort. The ergonomic design will make it ideal for almost any bike. However, it looks great on some of the best mountain bikes. The TUV certification means it is tested for safety as well.


  • Design: These gloves have a sleek design, which offers you tons of comfort and a modern look for your bike
  • Easy Setup: The single clamp feature is one of the best for those that need to quickly replace their grips.
  • Warranty: You will also be entitled to a limited 2-year warranty for these gloves if they should get damaged.


  • Not For Everyone: These grips are comfortable, but it might not be ideal for everyone to use on their bikes.

3) Best Low Profile Grip: RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips

If you are looking for something unique, you might want to have a look at the RaceFace Half Nelson Locking Grips. These grips are stylish and they have a very soft feeling about them. The knobby exterior is great for adding additional grip to the handlebars. Additionally, they are also single clamp, which means they are very easy to set up.

Low Profile Mountain Bike Grips
Low Profile Mountain Bike Grips

Topographic moisture channels are located along the sides of the grips. This might not seem like a very effective method if you wear gloves, but for those without gloves, it will allow the moisture to be wicked away. The grips are incredibly tacky and should allow you to ride for hours without putting some fatigue on your hands.


  • Knobby Exterior: The knobby exterior is perfect for those that need to deal with slippery gloves and wet weather.
  • Moisture Wicking: As mentioned, the gloves feature moisture channels around the gloves that will wick away moisture.
  • Tacky: Even when you ride in wet conditions, the tacky design will ensure that the grips offer you grip.


  • Short: These gloves might not go deep into your handlebars and they are only around 122mm in length.

4) Best Traditional Mountain Bike Grip: ODI Ruffian Handlebar Grip

The ODI Ruffian Handlebar Grip is one of the more traditional options on the market today. These grips look like normal mountain bike grips, but they feel way more comfortable. The double clamp design can take longer to set up, but it will keep the grips in place. Almost every trail mountain bike can use them as an upgrade.

Best Traditional mountain Bike Grips
Best Traditional Mountain Bike Grips

The gloves are slim and they don’t add a lot of weight to your bike. Due to the overall design, you will find that most riders enjoy using them for longer stints. Moisture-wicking holes are located around the gloves, which means that you don’t need to constantly deal with sweat from riding longer trails in the mountains.


  • Lightweight: Once mounted, you will barely even notice the grips on your bike due to the lightness of the units.
  • Durable: Rubber is not the only material used in the construction. The aircraft-grade aluminum will hold the compound together.
  • Warranty: The manufacturer is so confident in these gloves that they come with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Price: Since the gloves are not extremely unique, you will notice that they are a bit expensive for what you will get.

5) Best High-End Mountain Bike Grips: Ergon GP1 Ergonomic Bicycle Handlebar Grips

Ergon is one of the leading brands on the market today, and one can easily see why when looking at the Ergon GP1 Ergonomic Bicycle Handlebar Grips. These grips are far more unique than any of the others, but it features the same quality. They might look bulky, but the additional bulkiness is soft enough for your hands to comfortably flatten them.

High End MTB Grips
High End Mountain Bike Grips

The large grip section makes them ideal for a variety of bikes. However, when you are traveling downhill, you will notice that they are comfortable for you to lean on with your palms. Much like the other top options, the moisture-wicking is very effective for those with sweaty hands to ensure you have the ultimate grip.


  • Softness: Even though rubber is the main component, the form of rubber is softer for more comfort and shock absorption.
  • Moisture Wicking: If you are prone to sweaty hands, the gloves will help to alleviate as much of the sweat as possible.
  • Design: Aside from being very effective and pragmatic, the gloves also add a new dimension of style to your mountain bike.


  • Price: Unfortunately, these are also some of the most expensive grips currently available on the market.

6) Best Budget Grips: Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip

When it comes to the best mountain bikes, Schwinn might not compete with brands like Giant and Cannondale. However, they have some excellent and affordable accessories. The Schwinn Ergonomic Comfort Bicycle Grip is one of the most comfortable on the market today and features gel for shock absorption.

Budget Mountain Bike Grips
Budget Mountain Bike Grips

The grips have made it onto the list due to the ergonomic design and the softness of the compound. They should wick away most of the moisture you need to deal with while allowing you to have a comfortable riding experience. The slide-on design also means that you won’t spend too much time to set them up.


  • Shock Absorption: The additional gel insert means that you could have them absorb a lot of shocks.
  • Ergonomic: For the price, these grips are surprisingly comfortable and adjustable to the shape of your hands.
  • Price: In terms of price, the gloves are by far the most affordable on the market today and should offer good value for your money.


  • Durability: Unfortunately, they lack when it comes to durability and eventually the gel insert will burst and render them useless.

3 Key Features To Look For When Buying The Best Mountain Bike Grips

After you have decided to buy the best mountain bike grips, you will need to understand which features are the most important. In the following section, we will have a closer look at the different features and you can make your own decision. The following features are what we used as the criterion to find the best mountain bike grips:

1. Materials

Mountain bike grips are often made from one of two compounds. Rubber is the most common of the materials and it offers a soft feeling in your hands. Additionally, the rubber can mold to the shape of your hands, while offering you a tacky grip that will keep your hands from sliding off the handlebars in wet weather.

Additionally, you might want to consider silicone. While it might be cheaper, silicone is one of the weakest options. The grips are commonly hard and they lack the tackiness of soft rubber. Aluminum is the secondary material used for most grips. The aluminum is used to lock the grips in place when you set them up.

2. Fixing Method

Once you have the grips, you will need to set them up on the handlebars. There are generally two methods used for grips. The single clamp method has one clamp that will hold them in place. Additionally, you might consider the double clamp with locks them tightly into place but takes more effort to set up.

3. Profile

When speaking of the profile, we are referring to the overall design of the grips. The grips can have a soft profile that molds to the shape of your hands or a hardened profile. The harder profiles will have knobby features that offer you grip. Keep in mind that harder grips will wick moisture away more effectively, but can also be slippery.


If you are looking for the best mountain bike grips, you have come to the right location. It can often take some time to set up these grips, but they will be worth it in the long run. Since there are tons of grips available, it hard to select the number one pick. Choose grips that work best for you and fit your needs.

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