10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets

If you are an established mountain biker or an amateur, chances are you may have fallen off your bike. At this point, you might have understood how painful it is to crash at 30 miles per hour. Having one of the best Mountain Bike helmets helps reduces any risk and possibly save you from injury.

Hopefully, you plan to avoid any future injuries by investing in a bike helmet. Or you already are a safe biker and looking for a new one.

Either way, choosing a bike helmet is not as simple as it seems. You are trusting this piece of plastic to save your life.

So, which are the best mountain bike helmets? Which one will suit you the best?

Scroll below to find out the top 10 best mountain bike helmets.

Troy Lee A1 Helmet ★★★★★
POC Axion SPIN ★★★★★
Oakley DRT5 MTB Helmet  ★★★★
Giro Tremor MIPS Helmet ★★★★★
VICTGOAL Goggles Bike Helmet ★★★★★
Bell Spark MIPS★★★★
Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet ★★★★★
MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet ★★★★★
TeamObsidian Bike Helmet ★★★★★
OUWOR Mountain Bike Helmet ★★★★

What is the Best Helmet for Mountain Biking?

Mountain bike helmets are the most important piece of safety gear. This is one area you want to make sure you invest wisely in. After all, it’s protecting your head. Depending on the riding you do, and how aggressive you get, you will want something with the best protection.

1.    Troy Lee A1 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs’ A1 Helmet prevents any rotational damage the brain may suffer from impacts to the head received from a specific angle. A lining of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is installed from the top to the sides and even down to the back of your head. EPS further protects your skull from damage.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

The A1 has a total of 16 ports or vents for ventilation. The design of these ports makes it easier to pass the air. Another layer explicitly made for comfort is also present. It is washable and removable, so it does not retain any sweat, grime, or harmful bacteria. The polycarbonate skeleton of the A1 manages to cut a decent number off the scale.

Troy Lee’s visor can also be adjusted by tinkering with three dials on each side. You do not need to use any tools to adjust it. Due to the helmet’s design, it is not possible to wear large goggles/sunglasses.


  • 16 vents for the ventilation.
  • Perceived weight makes the helmet feel lighter
  • Tool-free, adjustable visor
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect fit for most head shapes
  • MIPS technology


2.    POC Axion SPIN

POC helmet’s unique selling point is the cutting-edge Shearing Pad Inside (SPIN) technology. SPIN prevents head and neck injuries where you hit at an odd angle. Like the MIPS technology, it protects you from ‘rotational impact.’

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

To further avoid neck injury, the adjustable visor will snap off at the moment of direct impact. Do not worry! you can quickly hook it back with the plastic hooks on the visor. This is not to assume that the visor or any part of the helmet is frail or weak.

The exterior body is made of optimized polycarbonate. This reaches down to the temples as well as the lower back of the head. As in premium mountain bike helmets, the Axion SPIN has a robust layer of Expanded Polystyrene. With a 360-adjustment feature, it fits snugly on your head being one of the lightest helmets.

The carefully designed vents prevent your head from heating up, even on long, hot days. Unfortunately, the adjustment system loosens after a few intense landings. While it is relatively simple to readjust it despite a little inconvenient.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Keeps your head cool throughout the ride
  • SPIN technology prevents damage from rotational impact
  • Break-away visor avoids neck injuries


  • Visor’s adjustability range is limited
  • 360-degree adjustment system tends to loosen from hard landings

3.    Oakley DRT5 MTB Helmet 

DRT5 is one of the lighter mountain bike helmets. It weighs 2.05 pounds only, though it may feel weighty when in hands. The 12 vents keep the airflow constant, allowing your head to breathe during a tiresome ride. 

Oakley DRT5

The helmet comes equipped with a MIPS system to avoid rotational impact damages. It also has X-STATIC Brow padding. This unique padding prevents all forms of bacteria on the helmet. It channels the properties of silver to do so, eliminating odor from developing. The DRT5 also comes with an extra set of pads. 

The BOA 360 fit system adjusts to your head for the perfect fit. It is a dedicated part that securely fastens almost every type of sunglasses. While it is a useful feature, it is not necessarily convenient when you are riding your bike.

The straps are also quite complicated to adjust. Another common complaint from the DRT5 is that its visor’s nuts loosen quickly and often. If not tightened, they may fall off, which is not good as they are not replaceable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • MIPS prevents damage from rotational impact
  • X-STATIC Brow padding
  • 12 vents keep your head cool over long rides


  • Uncomfortable with goggles and complicated straps
  • Eyewear dock inconvenient while riding the bike

4.    Giro Tremor MIPS Helmet

The Giro Tremor Helmet is a lighter helmet that weights only 300 grams. It has the MIPS system installed to prevent rotational impact damages.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

The full-body polycarbonate shell extends down to the temples and rear of the head. It also comes with a thick but comfortable layer of Expanded Polystyrene. The quick-dry layer padding is perforated. This prevents a build-up of sweat from producing within the helmet. 

The Tremor Helmet also has a total of 18 large vents that keep your head from heating up. The helmet is famous for its cooling effect, especially for longer bike rides. The Roc Loc Sports System is one of the easiest to adjust with the large plastic dial.

The large visor is particularly useful as it protects the face from falls. Unfortunately, the side straps are not at all adjustable. The helmet itself is available in one size only. Its chin straps also loosen quickly and need to be tightened each time.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • MIPS technology prevents damage from rotational impact
  • Perforated EPS lining prevents sweat build-up
  • 18 vents help keep the head cool through log rides
  • A large visor protects the face in a fall


  • Side and chin straps are not adjustable
  • Available in one size

5.    VICTGOAL Goggles Bike Helmet

VICTGOAL’s Goggles Bike Helmet with USB Rechargeable Light & Sun Visor is one of a kind bike helmets. The most apparent is the goggles. They work as regular goggles/sunglasses, protecting your eyes from all the elements. They protect you from ultraviolet rays as well (UV400 protection). Its visibility has been praised by users and critics alike.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets

The magnetic goggles can be attached and detached easily. The helmet is still very comfortable with regular sunglasses if you prefer to use your own. The goggles are easily scratchable, so be cautious.

 The next feature is the LED light at the back of the helmet.  It comes in 3 modes, steady, fast flashing mode, and a slow flashing mode. This is particularly useful for night-time riding. The helmet comes with two batteries for the light. The light can be charged with a USB. In some cases, unfortunately, the helmet upon delivery would come with batteries, but not the actual light.

The helmet also has 21 large vents that expel heat and take in cold air simultaneously. It is lined with a deep layer of Expanded Polystyrene. The unibody outer shell protects your head from all the directions. Weighing 310 grams, it is very lightweight. A knob adjusts the helmet for all types of heads. The knob seems to break/stop working relatively soon, though. The VICTGOAL comes with a detachable visor that you can wear with or without goggles.


  • In-built, magnetically detachable goggles
  • USB rechargeable LED backlight with a secondary battery
  • 21 vents for ventilation
  • Goggles protect the face from wind, dust, dirt, rain, insects, and UV rays


  • Goggles get easily scratched and scuffed
  • Outer shell chafes the lower rear of the head
  • Adjustable knob; fragile straps, and clips

6.    Bell Spark MIPS

The Spark is installed with the essential MIPS that prevents injury from rotational impacts. Thirteen large vents allow a decent amount of wind to pass through and from the helmet. They cool your head while expelling any excess heat already present.

Bell Spark MIPS

Bell’s simple product fits ergonomically on any head. The fit can be adjusted by playing with a knob at the back of the helmet. It is designed in a way that one can operate it conveniently even with one hand. The shell is made of polycarbonate and lined with Expanded Polystyrene. It weighs 365 grams, giving a sturdy feel that balances well.

The straps are made from this ‘No-Twist’ technology that keeps them from tangling up. The padding is designed to drive sweat away from the brows and eyes, pushing it down to the temples. However, the sweat tends to gather in the center and begins to leak down on the forehead.


  • MIPS system
  • 13 large vents
  • ‘No-Twist Tri-Glides’ technology
  • A comfortable fit while remaining sturdy and robust


  • Non-adjustable, non-removable visor
  • Sweat pools into the padding

7.    Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

The Exclusky helmet has a total of 18 decent sized vents all over its body for maximum ventilation. It can be adjusted by a dial that can be operated with a single hand. The large reinforced sun visor has vents explicitly made for it. This allows ventilation to your forehead, that is otherwise covered.

Exclusky Mountain Bike Helmet

The visor can be detached if wanted. A removable net is also present in the lining of the helmet. This doesn’t let any insects, dirt, grime, leaves, or branches enter. On top of all this, the helmet only weighs 280 grams. You cannot even tell if you are wearing it. The clasps, unfortunately, are not very convenient. Some users found it difficult to clasp and later, unclasp.

The US CPSC firstly certifies the helmet for its safety. It uses layers of multi-density Expanded Polystyrene. This absorbs the energy from a crash. The rear part of the helmet has been purposefully extended to prevent any possible neck injuries from a collision.


  • 18 vents for ventilation
  • Detachable visor
  • Removable insect-proof lining
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • The clasp is difficult to snap close and unclasp
  • Not ideal for larger heads

8.    MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet is a new name and its unique feature is, the red LED backlight. It comes with three modes, fast flashing, slow flashing, and steady. The light helps drivers to see clearly at nighttime. The light is rechargeable by USB. On the top of the helmet is a camera mount. With it, a GoPro, or any other type of camera, is easily attached.

Mokfire Helmet

The extended rear of the helmet protects the lower region of your head from damage. The unibody shell is made of polycarbonate. A thick layer of Expanded Polystyrene is made of multiple densities. It is specifically optimized to decrease the energy transfer in a crash.

Fifteen large-sized vents keep a constant airflow throughout the helmet. This allows a decent breeze to reach your head, keeping it cool over long rides. The helmet can easily be adjusted to your head by a one-hand dial at the rear base. The large visor is removable without using any tools.  Unfortunately, the helmet is not ideal for ponytails or hair tied in a bun.


  • Camera mount present
  • LED backlight present
  • A large visor is easily detachable
  • 15 large-sized vents keep your head cool


  • The helmet is not suitable with ponytails or buns

9.    TeamObsidian Bike Helmet

TeamObsidian is famous for its robust and high-quality bike helmets. That is why their Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet has a 2-year manufacture warranty. Something none of its competitors offer. The helmet’s CPSC certification further backs its quality.

TeamObsidian Helmet

TeamObsidian follows a 3-step process to make its sturdy helmet. First, the exterior shell is put into its mold. It is then reinforced with an ABS skeleton. Finally, they add the foam that provides comfort to the head, as it holds the rest of the helmet together. This unique process makes the Airflow helmet absorb shocks from impact. The pads are also washing friendly. The chin strap is also cushioned for further comfort and protection. Some users found the straps a little complicated, though.

The helmet also comes with 22 sizeable vents meticulously designed for perfect airflow. The vents allow cool air to enter from the front while pushing out hot air from the back. It does this by the use of convection currents. Users compliment this feature in the helmet the most.

A dial at the end of the helmet is used to adjust the size to your head, horizontally and vertically. Users with ponytails or larger than average heads find this feature very convenient. The helmet also comes with a visor attached. You can easily remove it.


  • Comes with a 2-year manufacture warranty
  • 22 sizeable vents keep your head cool
  • Vertical adjustment allows riders with ponytails comfort
  • Includes a detachable visor
  • Pads are washable


  • Straps are a little complicated to operate

10. OUWOR Mountain Bike Helmet

Our final contender for the best mountain bike Helmet is by OUWOR. It does not contain any unnecessary features to stand out. Its high quality itself makes it stand out from its competitors. The outer shell is made of the standard polycarbonate and is layered with Expanded Polystyrene. What makes this helmet different is its integrated-molding technology that binds them together.

Ouwor Helmet

The helmet has a dial adjustment at the rear to make it a perfect fit for your head. The chin straps are easy to use and cushioned for a comfortable and customizable fit. Sixteen strategically positioned vents manage to cool your entire head while keeping the number of openings to a minimum.

The helmet is designed for all types of bike riding. You can also detach the visor from its screws. The decal on the helmet also helps riders/drivers to be able to see you from afar in low light situations. The OUWOR helmet is a women-favorite, as it is a great fit, even with ponytails and hair tied in buns. 


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 16 vents provide a great cooling system
  • Stylish and well-fitted
  • Inter-moulding technology makes the helmet robust


  • Some users consider it too simple

5 Tips To Look For In The Best Mountain Bike Helmets

1. Protection

The most reliable feature in helmets nowadays is SPIN. This is a specific layer that protects your head from damage when hit from an odd angle. It avoids your head from unnaturally rotating or snapping.

Other features to look out for are layers multi-density Expanded Polystyrene. Not just the standard EPS. An integrated ABS skeleton is another good addition with extra padding. 

2. Breathability

Breathability is another crucial component of helmets. Imagine wearing a fully sealed piece of plastic and foam over your head. Your brain would overheat because of no ventilation. That is not a migraine worth experiencing.

What you should look out for is the number of vents present. The more vents, the better the airflow. However, that is not always the case. You can have 30 vents, and still, feel like your head is stuffed in a pressure cooker.

A sound ventilation system has strategically positioned vents that work in harmony with the helmet’s foam and shell. This allows a clear breeze of air that enters from the front and leaves from the rear. A combination of a decent number of vents and a good ventilation system is ideal.

3. Right size and comfort

The perfect synergy of padding and fit is something you must pay close attention to. Some helmets come in a ‘one size fits all’ piece. It is better to avoid these, as they may be suited only to people with average-sized heads.

Helmets with multiple sizes generally have a better chance of fitting well. Although, that is not always the case. Looking for a convenient, efficient, and robust adjustment system is more important, though. An ill-sized helmet can fit well if it has the perfect adjustment system.

Padding works in unison with shell size. Multi-density foams work very well in terms of comfort. From our research, a perforated layer of Expanded Polystyrene is better. This way, the user has more relief over longer rides. Padding causing skin irritations can be most inconvenient, so watch out for that, too.

4. Weight

Helmet weight is something that, oddly, only affects certain riders. Every rider would surely want to have the feel of not having a helmet on their head. Yet, not all are against a relatively weighty shell on their head either.

 However, lighter helmets are a lot better for riders in the long run. Experts say that heavier helmets may cause migraines in users who have worn them for long periods for many years. Keeping that in mind, it is best to get the lightest helmet possible. You can find these sorts of shells to be part of the premium lines of helmets.

5. Convertibility

It is always a great idea to have a shell with an extensive range of adjustability and convertibility. This allows you to use the helmet for various environments and situations. For younger riders, this is incredibly convenient. This way, they can use the same helmet for years, even if their head grows significantly.

Features like adjustable visors are a sure sign of convertibility. Other features you should look for are detachable visors, detachable padding, and removable protective nets. Fit systems with horizontal and vertical adjustability and straps with a range of adjustability are also useful features. Shells with rear LED lights are considered to be a helmet with good convertibility.


We have decided that TeamObsidian’s Premium Quality Airflow Helmet is one of the Best Mountain Bike Helmets from our research. It comes with a whopping 22 vents that keep a constant breeze flow. This being the most vents and best ventilation system from our line-up.

ABS skeleton, detachable visor, horizontal and vertical fit adjustments, and washable pads are its great features. The perfect synergy of all these makes appropriate airflow. And, that is without mentioning the 2-year manufacture warranty!

No matter what helmet you buy, always keep safety as your number one priority. The other parameters are not to be skipped, either, if you want your head to be safe and have the best helmet. Any of these helmets will be a good quality helmet depending on some of the preferences we discussed.

Always make sure you research your helmet well before purchasing it.

Good luck, and happy riding!

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