10 Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000

In the cycling world, mountain bikes are coming out every day and they all vary in terms of price. While no set price dictates when a mountain is good or whether it isn’t, you can use numbers like $1000 and $2000 as great measuring points. The best mountain bikes under $2000 should give you a few of the best features while ensuring you don’t break the bank.

There are many cheaper mountain bikes on the market today. However, these mountain bikes often lack a few key features. They can assist you in riding for a couple of years, but once you become more advanced, you would need to consider a better mountain bike. In the following article, we will look at a few bikes that could before intermediate and expert riders.

 Frame TypeDrivetrainBrakesPriceRating
Specialized Fuse Comp 29HardtailSRAM SX 12SRAM Level Disc Brakes$$$★★★★★
Giant Stance 2Full-SuspensionSRAM SX 12Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes$$★★★★★
Marin Hawk Hill 2Full-SuspensionSRAM NX 11Shimano BR-M315 Hydraulic Disc$$$★★★★★
Salsa Timberjack XT 29 BikeHardtailShimano XT 12Shimano MT501 Hydraulic Disc Brakes$$$$★★★★
Cannondale Cujo 2 27.5+ BikeHardtailSRAM SX 12Shimano MT200 Hydro Disc$$★★★★
Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 29 D Mountain BikeHardtailSRAM SX 12SRAM Level Disc Brakes$$$$★★★★★
Trek Roscoe 7HardtailSRAM SX 12Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Disc Brakes$$★★★★
Vitus Mythique 29 VRXFull-SuspensionShimano SXL 12 DeoreShimano MT501 Brakes$$$★★★★★
Polygon SISKIU T7Full-SuspensionShimano SL-M6100-R DEORETEKTRO HD-M735$$$$★★★★★
Rocky Mountain GrowlerHardtail
Shimano Deore 10spd
Shimano MT200 $$★★★★

Top 10 Mountain Bikes Under $2000 On The Market

Key features are always important when looking at mountain bikes. However, you need to spend some time to familiarize yourself with the best bikes before you start comparing them with features. We have started with the top mountain bikes and believe that the following options will be great for you to get started:

Top Pick: Specialized Fuse Comp 29

Specialized is one of the leading brands on the market today and they have made a name for themselves with the quality of their bikes. The Specialized Fuse Comp 29 is made from durable aluminum but features components from SRAM. The SRAM Eagle SX 12 is one of the most reliable drivetrains and shifter combinations available.

Specialized Fuse Comp 29
Best Mountain Bike Under $2000

The bike features SRAM level disc brakes, which makes it effective for all weather conditions and improves overall braking. Additionally, the 29-inch wheels are much larger than some of the other bikes, which is ideal for most beginners in terms of durability. S-Works is one of the most reliable brands in the cycling industry.


  • Dual Disc Brakes: The bike features dual disc brakes, which should make it much easier to stop the bike in muddy conditions.
  • Drivetrain: If you want a reliable drivetrain, the SX 12 is one of the best options. However, it does not offer tons of speeds.
  • Large Design: Buyers can choose from the 27.5 and the 29-inch tires, which are large enough to hold larger riders.


  • Nothing Stands Out: Unlike other bikes from the same brand, here you don’t have anything special that stands out.

Best Trail Bike: Giant Stance 2

The best trail bikes can be very expensive, but they often have some of the best features to accompany the price. However, the Giant Stance 2 is one of the more affordable options on the market today. The bike features a durable ALUX aluminum frame, which is similar to aircraft-grade aluminum for the best durability and weight reduction possible.

Giant Stance 2
Best Trail Mountain Bike

If you like riding downhill, the full-suspension design is very effective. It can help beginners that do not know how to jump a mountain bike learn and understand how it works. SRAM and Shimano have been combined to provide the drivetrain and the brakes, with an SRAM SX 12 drivetrain and Shimano mechanical disc brakes.


  • Full-Suspension: If you want to take on the best trails, you might need to consider having the ideal suspension to help you.
  • Durable Frame: even though the emphasis on the frame has been durability, it remains very lightweight.
  • Affordable: When looking for a trail bike, you need a massive budget, but this one makes your budget much smaller.


  • No dropper Post: The bike does not have a seat dropper post, but this is something that can manually be added.

Best Mountain Bike For Hills: Marin Hawk Hill 2

Very few mountain bikes can find the balance between being effective downhill or on mountains. However, the Marin Hawk Hill 2 is one of these bikes that will balance out the speed to allow you to take on hills. The bike features an aluminum construction like many of the counterparts on the list but features hydraulic disc brakes for better stopping power.

Marin Hawk Hill 2
Best Mountain Bike For Hills

The 11-speed SRAM NX drivetrain is one of the affordable options from the SRAM brand but has been proven to be reliable. Additionally, the bike comes in a variety of sizes, but numerous upgrades are available each year. You might need to spend some time looking for the latest version of this bike to ensure you have all the features.


  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: The bike features the hydraulic disc brake, which is a bit more reliable than the mechanical alternative.
  • Dual Suspension: Since it features a dual-suspension design, you can take on bumpy trails without having issues.
  • Mini-Riser Handlebars: The mini-riser handlebars allow you to adjust the handlebars to a comfortable height.


Best Hardtail Mountain Bike: Salsa Timberjack XT 29 Bike

The hardtail mountain bike is regarded as the best when it comes to climbing uphill. One of the top options on the market today is the Salsa Timberjack XT 29 Bike. The bike features a full aluminum frame and large 29-inch tires that will accommodate some of the large riders on the market today. It has a reliable front suspension to absorb shock.

Salsa Timberjack XT
Best Hardtail Mountain Bike

The hydraulic disc brakes make another entry on this list and they are not as expensive as they used to be. These disc brakes are very effective for all-weather stopping and should give you as the rider more peace of mind. You will have the Shimano XT 12 drivetrain and shifters to give you decent gear selections when needed.


  • Front Suspension: When compared to other hardtail bikes, here you have one of the best front suspensions available.
  • 29-inch wheels: The 29-inch wheels are great for allowing some of the larger riders to enjoy the bike.
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: If you want the best stopping power, the hydraulic disc brakes tend to be the very best.


  • Price: It comes the closest of all the other bikes to breaking the budget that we have set for bikes in this article.

Best Beginner Bike: Cannondale Cujo 2 27.5+ Bike

Cannondale is one of the other top brands on the market today and they are heavily present in the Tour De France. While that might be a road cycling competition, the Cannondale Cujo 2 27.5+ Bike is an effective mountain bike that also accommodates some of the larger riders and features an aluminum frame.

Cannondale Cujo
Best Beginner Mountain Bike

The drivetrain is the SRAM Eagle SX 12, which has been very popular among some of these bikes on the list. However, it features hydraulic disc brakes, which are often not seen in affordable bikes like this one. Since the bike features a dropper post, you can also save a couple of bucks and have more versatility with each ride. 


  • Drivetrain: The SRAM Eagle is one of the top brands and this is a very reliable and effective drivetrain to consider.
  • For Large Riders: With these large tires and wheel sizes, almost anyone can use the bike for their comfort.
  • Price: It is one of the cheaper options, specifically designed for the entry-level riders to get started.


  • Not For Expert: Some of the aggressive drivers might find that the bike is lacking in a few key areas.

Best Hardtail For Descents: Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 29 D Mountain Bike

The Santa Cruz Bicycles Chameleon 29 D Mountain Bike might be an entry-level bike, but it features a state of the art hardtail design. The bike features large 29-inch tires that will make it ideal for riders of all sizes. However, the RockShox Recon front fork might feel like you have a dual suspension bike when you are going downhill.

Santa Cruz Chameleon
Best Hardtail For Descents

The bike includes the SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, which comes with a proven reputation for giving you durability and perfect shifting. The 6000-series aluminum frame is durable, but it is also lightweight enough for anyone to flick the bike around. Overall, it is a great bike for trail riders and mountain climbers.


  • Front Shock: Like all hardtail bikes, this one only features a single shock, but the quality is almost unrivaled.
  • Drivetrain: The SRAM Eagle 12-speed comes with a proven reputation for giving you quality shifting.
  • Tellis Dropper Post: The bike features one of the leading dropper posts that will make it much easier to adjust your riding position.


  • Large Design: The large design is not a bad thing, but it is not ideal for some of the female riders that love cycling.

Best Fat Tire Trail Bike: Trek Roscoe 7

The fat tire mountain bike is not one of the most common on the market today. These mountain bikes are often very heavy, but they have tons of stability. The Trek Roscoe 7 is made with an Alpha Gold Aluminum frame that gives the bike stability while ensuring that you keep the weight as low as possible.

Trek Roscoe 7
Best Fat Bike

Once again, we have the SRAM SX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain, which as been proven to give you performance and ensure that you can generate enough speed. The bike has larger tires than some of the other options, which means that the weight should be a bit of a concern for those that need something lightweight.


  • Fat Tire: The fat tire design is not as popular as the others, but still offers usability and durability when you need it.
  • Affordable: The main feature of the bike is the price. It is one of the cheapest you will find from the top brands.
  • Stable: Lastly, the large tires and extra weight will offer some stability to keep the bike planted firmly to the floor.


  • Heavy: Unfortunately, it is one of the heaviest options on the market and will have a lot of drag when trying to reach fast speeds.

Best Geometry Mountain Bike: Vitus Mythique 29 VRX

One of the newer mountain bikes, the Vitus Mythique is making a name for itself. Hitting a sweet spot for suspension travel they report will be great for descending as well as climbs. You will see more and more of these bikes on the trails.

Vitus Mythique 29 VRX

The Mythique takes a unique approach with its modern geometry paired with a Proven 4-Bar Suspension Design. For the price the bike gives you everything you need to enjoy most trails.


  • Suspension Travel: With the Vitus Mythique they give you a whopping 140mm of travel on both the front and rear of the bike.
  • Brand: Vitus is an up and coming brand that you will see continue to grow and have a name in the mountain bike field.
  • Geometry: The geometry on the bike might be a perfect combination for trail riders to get the most.


  • Color: They only offer one color at this time

Best All Around Mountain Bike: Polygon SISKIU T7

The price of the Polygon SISKIU T7 is right on the edge of being under $2000 but definitely one you have to look at. This bike should be on a list of bikes under $3000 but polygon hits a great price point for a great bike.

Polygon Siskiu T7

This newer model is capable of handling all the terrain you might encounter while out trail riding. It comes in 27.5in with 140mm rear suspension and 150mm fork and 29in with 135mm rear suspension and 140mm fork.


  • Looks: The SISKIU is a sharp looking biking with a sleek design and bright colors that stand out.
  • Size Options: Having the option of 27.5 and 29in wheels is a huge plus for anyone looking to take advantage of this bike.
  • Stiffness: The overall stiffness of the bike stands out compared to others.


  • Cost: After tax this bike might take you over the $2000 price point.

Best Hardtail Under $2000: Rocky Mountain Growler

Rocky mountain makes some great bikes and the Growler is another hardtail to consider for best mountain bikes under $2000. Great for climbing and staying in tune with the trail, the growler is a great choice if hardtails are your game.

Rocky Mountain Growler

With a 130mm on the front fork and decent components like the Shimano Deore derailleur and shifters. The growler is capable of taking on any trail and help you develop more bike skills.


  • Price: The price of the Growler is well below the $2000 mark and gives you more wiggle room for components and gear.
  • Components: Rocky mountain gets some great components on this bike for the price and bike you get.
  • Tire Sizes: Again, you have the option to go with a 27.5in or 29er which gives you more options.


  • Pedals: The stock alloy pedals are not great. Plan on upgrading these.

4 Key Features To Consider When Looking For The Best Mountain Bikes Under $2000

In the cycling world, the features are growing at a substantial rate. Each brand has its features and unique accessories that are added to their bikes. However, we have disregarded the accessories and focused on the main features when looking for the best mountain bikes under $2000. Now, you can find your dream bike without breaking the bank.

1. Frame Materials

One of the first things that will come to mind is the frame materials. The most common materials are steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. While steel is great, it’s heavy and not used much on decent mountain bikes. Aluminum or carbon will be your best options with aluminum giving you a better bang for your buck for bikes under $2000. Carbon is much lighter but more costly. The downside to carbon fiber is the price that you need to pay. Fortunately, most of the bikes on our list are in the middle with aluminum construction.

2. Frame Type

Yes, we might mention this often if you regularly read these articles, but when selecting a top mountain bike, you need to have the best frame for your needs. The hardtail frame is great for climbing and features a front suspension. However, the dual-suspension is better at absorbing shocks when going downhill but will have some drag uphill. 

3. Drivetrain

It is always important to have a comfortable drivetrain and there are tons of these drivetrains and cassettes available. SRAM and Shimano are still the two most reliable brands and you will find them responsible for most drivetrains on the market today. Shimano tends to be slightly more affordable than its SRAM counterparts.

4. Brakes

While you can consider slacking on some of the other features, you don’t want to do the same for your brakes. The brakes are vital to ensure that you have great stopping power and to give you peace of mind. We recommend that you choose the hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes depending on your available budget. 


The best mountain bikes under $2000 will give you value for your money. These bikes offer you versatility and they will ensure that you have the best possible bike for your specific needs. Bikes in this price range will get you into a category of quality mountain bikes.

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