5 Best Trail Mountain Bikes

Finding the Best Trail Mountain Bike these days might seem overwhelming with lots of choices. However, trail mountain bikes are a bit more advanced and while they have a higher price tag, these mountain bikes far exceed some of the lesser options you can encounter. The best trail mountain bike is packed with all the top features to make your ride smoother. The Giant Trance 29 Advanced Pro 1 is one of the leading bikes that we have considered for the list.

In the following article, we will not look at the basic mountain bikes, but we have considered the elite mountain bikes, used for some of the bigger touring competitions. These mountain bikes are also designed by specialized riders and experts, making them more comfortable, with durable features that stand out.

Trail Bikes Frame Suspension BrakesCost Rating

Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29er 1

Carbon FiberMaestro Duel SuspensionHydraulic Disc$$$


Trek Fuel EX 5

AluminumDuel SuspensionHydraulic Disc$$


Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon Comp

Carbon FiberFull SuspensionHydraulic Disc$$$


Yeti SB 130

Carbon FiberInfinity Link – Dual SuspensionHydraulic Disc$$$$


Canyon Neuron 9.0 SL Carbon FiberFull SuspensionHydraulic Disc$$$


Top 5 Trail Mountain Bikes

Since these bikes are a bit more specialized, you are bound to notice that they are also more expensive. However, the top mountain bikes on this list come with the best features in the industry. Following the review section, we will look at some of the special features that make these bikes stand out from the competition.

Top Pick: Giant Trance 29 Advanced Pro 1

The Giant Trance 29 Advanced Pro 1 is one of the leading bikes, with 29-inch tire size. It stands as one of the most durable bikes with a full carbon fiber frame. While the bike features a full-suspension design, it incorporates the Maestro Suspension system, which gives you a little more shock absorption quality for each bump.

Best Trail Mountain Bike

Due to the carbon fiber frame and wheels, it is one of the lightest options on the market as well. The bike is available in a variety of different colors and mechanical disc brakes will give you the ultimate stopping power you need. Keep in mind that while 29-inches are for the larger riders, they have smaller versions available.


  • Lightweight: The frame and wheels of the bike are lightweight, which makes it much easier to control.
  • Maestro Suspension: The Maestro suspension is designed for downhill riders and reduces bump impact significantly.
  • Wheel Quality: Due to the Carbon wheels, you have solid wheels that will take on the most difficult terrains with ease.


  • Saddle: One of the only issues is with the saddle, which feels a little bit hard and uncomfortable for many riders.

Best Entry-Level Trail Bike: Trek Fuel EX 5

In the world of cycling Trek is one of the leading brands. The brand caters to road cycling events like the Tour De France and creates incredible mountain bikes. We have selected the Trek Fuel EX 5 with 2020 revamp for entry-level riders. The bike is constructed from aluminum and features a full-suspension design for those trail jumps.

Best Trail Mountain Bike

It is an interesting bike when you look at the suspension geometry, which is available in different sizes like the tires but works to the best of its ability in most cases. The large 130mm rear sock can absorb a lot of damage, but the 75mm angle created for the seat will ensure comfort in all different positions, including uphill.


  • Reasonable Price: While the bike is only made from aluminum, it has benefits that will allow you to save a bit on the price.
  • Large rear suspension: With a 130mm rear suspension, you will have a lot of comforts when it comes to downhill loops.
  • Large Fork: Trek has bumped up the front fork to 140mm, which translates to additional stability uphill.


  • Punctures: Since you won’t have all the features of the experts, you will need to add your puncture-resistant additions.

Best Carbon Bike: Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon Comp

If you want to take on a trail with numerous jumps, the Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon Comp Bike is one of the top options to consider. The bike features a full carbon fiber frame while adding a 140mm to the front fork. It provides enhanced shock absorption, but the main purpose of the bike is downhill descents at a rapid pace.

Best Trail Mountain Bike

Yes, the bike features a full-suspension, packed with 2 disc brakes, while giving you multiple sizes. The most comfortable for the larger riders will be the 29-inc bike, but smaller versions can be designed. The SRAM NX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain is comfortable while allowing you to short shift when needed for uphill designs.


  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes: S-Works Has been widely recognized for its quality disc brakes and excellent stopping power.
  • Descending: According to many experts, it has been rated as one of the top descending bikes on the market.
  • Solid Drivetrain: S-Works has a good standing relationship with SRAM, which gives you a solid 12-speed drivetrain.


  • Climb Switch: Unfortunately, the climb switch can deteriorate and wear out over time when you ride large trails.

Best Mountain Bikes For Descending: Yeti SB 130

Many riders enjoy riding descends, but these riders are also known to push the bikes to their limits. The Yeti SB 130 is one of the bikes that will award riders for aggressive riding. It features the Switch Infinity Suspension system that helps riders take on trails at a more rapid pace. However, it can be harder to control for hesitant riders.

While the rear-end might dip down a bit, the suspension geometry is specifically designed to allow riders to go up steep hills to have additional comfort. One of the only downsides we have noticed is a bit of understeer when you don’t rapidly attack the hills. However, you can stand on the bike to avoid these potential issues.


  • Full Carbon: The bike frame and fork is constructed from solid carbon fiber, which makes it a durable option.
  • Speed: If you love speed, the Yeti SB 130 is the bike for you and will enable you to attack different terrains.
  • Suspension Geometry: The Yeti is one of the rare bikes with a suspension that enables you to climb and descent.


  • Not For Hesitant Riders: Unfortunately, you won’t get very far if you are a hesitant drive and it might feel like you want to fly over the handlebars.

Best Enduro Model Bike: Canyon Neuron 9.0 SL

While not every mountain bike is specifically designed for trails, you might need to consider something different when you want a versatile mountain bike. The Canyon Neuron 9.0 SL is part of the Canyon Enduro Series, but due to the full-suspension of the bike, it can still generate a lot of speed and allow riders up trails.

Canyon Neuron 9.0 SL

The bike itself features 27.5-inch wheels, but these can also be upgraded to the 29-inch wheels if you feel the need. It doesn’t have excessive rigidity in the handlebars, which means you have a versatile bike, which tends to turn on a dime. Much like the other bikes, it includes a carbon fiber frame for strength and lightweight.


  • Versatility: The bike is extremely versatile, allowing you to have more comfort when riding on specific trails.
  • Adjustable Sizes: The forks of the bike are versatile on the front and back of the bike, with both allowing for a 29-inch wheel.
  • Agile: The biggest takeaway from the bike is the agility it will give the rider, which allows you to take corners more rapidly.


  • Oversteer: If you don’t push the bike to its limits, you might need to contend with some oversteer on the front wheel.

4 Key Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Trail Mountain Bike

When one is looking for a high-end trail bike, the important features to consider becomes tricky. Unfortunately, you can’t simply choose the cheapest bikes, and the specs make a difference to the performance of the bike. The following guide is small but isolates some of the most important features one needs to consider.

1. Bike Frames

One of the best things that you can have for trail riding is a full-suspension mountain bike. The full-suspension mountain bike is perfect for trails, but it also helps the rider drive downhill more efficiently. The hardtail bikes are very effective for mountains, but they work best for climbing hills due to creating less drag.

In addition to the frames, you need to consider the materials used in the construction of the frames. For the top trail bikes, your first choice should be carbon fiber, but aluminum is a great alternative. Aircraft-grade aluminum is slightly more affordable, but can still offer the same durability. However, carbon fiber is much lighter and aerodynamic.

2. Brakes

Since you will be doing trails at a rapid pace, you will need to have some of the best brakes on the market. Hydraulic disc brakes far exceed almost any type of brake, especially when you have it at the front and the back of the bike. If you are strapped to a budget, you might want to consider the mechanical disc brakes as a decent alternative.

3. Wheel Sizes

The wheel sizes might seem like a standard type of thing on these bikes, but they can make a big difference to the level of comfort you experience. Large wheel sizes will inevitably be for the larger riders, but they also sway through most of the obstacles with more ease. There are also cheaper mountain bikes with these wheels.

4. Handlebars

The final aspect to consider is the handlebars. We recommend looking for adjustable handlebars, which ensures that your bike is set to your comfort level. The best trail mountain bike will often have HI-Riser handlebars, which makes them effective when taking jumps. Taking jumps is almost mandatory when you are trail riding.


Any expert rider will tell you how important it is to have the best trail mountain bike when you are an expert rider. While there are many of these bikes on the market today, we have focused on these due to the quality and value they offer to all riders. Let us know in the comment section which of these bikes you like or if we missed any of your favorites.

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