How To Raise Handlebars On A Mountain Bike?

Whether you are a professional mountain biker, or simply a casual rider, comfort is one of the most important things you want. The comfort of a mountain bike is determined by many things, but knowing how to raise handlebars on a mountain bike is one of the most important things you can do. It will ensure that you have complete control over the bike.

Mountain Bike Handlebars

In the following article, we will have a step-by-step look at how to raise the handlebars on a mountain bike. Instead of having to deal with an uncomfortable ride, you will now have the opportunity to adjust the bike and find the most comfortable position for your needs. We hope the following guide can help you have a better cycling experience.

Why Adjust The Handlebars On Your Bike

The handlebars on your bike will determine the level of comfort you have when mountain biking. Aside from the height of the seat, which can be done with a dropper seat post, you will need to adjust it to be the same height as you will require when riding. Overall comfort is one of the most important things, but here are a few benefits of the right handlebar height:

Control Over The Bike

Most terrains will be tricky and you will need to be in complete control of the bike. Instead of having the bike control you, the handlebars will put the power in your hands. Once you have complete control over the handlebars, you can turn the bike and move as you need to.

Gear Shifts

Most mountain bikes have a sophisticated drivetrain. However, the shifters are located on the handlebars and you will need to adjust them when you are shifting gears. To avoid any issues, it is best to have the handlebars in the correct location. Once you have a comfortable position for shifting, you won’t need to worry about accidentally hitting the wrong gear.

Build Confidence

Most mountain bike trails can be hard and frustrating when you don’t know how it bends or how to take on some of the obstacles. If you have an aluminum frame, you should be able to deal with these obstacles, but having a comfortable handlebar height will give you more comfort as a rider. It is important that you feel in control of the bike to ensure you are confident.

How to Raise Handlebars on a Mountain Bike – Step-By-Step

Once you understand some of the benefits you could experience, you might find that it is a viable option to raise the handlebars on your mountain bike. However, not everyone knows exactly how to do it. In the following guide, we will teach you how to raise handlebars on a mountain bike. Now, you can have a comfortable riding experience on tough trails:

Mountain Bike Handlebars

1.      Find And Loosen The Spacer That Holds The Handlebar Stem

Above and below your handlebar stem, you will notice spacers. These spacers are designed to keep the handlebar in place. You will need to locate the screws on these spacers and loosen them up to access the stem. You must use the right tool to ensure that you don’t damage the components as you loosen them.

2.      Unscrew The Top Bolt And Cover

On top of the handlebar, you will notice there is an additional cover. The cover can often be on top of the screw. You will need a Hex Key or Allen Wrench if you want to unscrew the top bolt. You might need to remove the cover, but we recommend that you keep it somewhere you won’t lose it. The same goes for the screws.

3.      Remove The Handlebar

Once you have unscrewed the entire unit, you can start to remove it. However, you will notice that there are spacers located on top of the handlebar. These spacers are extra and you will use them in the next step. You must keep all of the components together to ensure that you don’t lose something important.

4.      Determine Your Handlebar Height

Once you have all the components loose and removed, you will need to keep the bike steady. You should ask for assistance to hold it in place. Next, you will need to get on the bike and find out which height is the most comfortable for your needs. Once you have the most comfortable height, you can easily mark it by adding spacers below where the stem will be.

5.      Adjusting The Height

Once you are done with your measurements, you will need to use some of the spacers that were on top of the stem to place them below the stem. This will slightly lift the handlebars to your desired riding height. If you remove the spacers, you will lower the handlebar height and this could be beneficial for shorted individuals.

6.      Reassemble The Handlebar

Once you have put everything in place, you will need to reassemble the handlebar the same way you took it apart. It is best to place it on the spacers and then tighten these spacers, with one of them on top of the stem to lock it into place. The top screw is one of the most important to ensure that you don’t have a fatal accident.

***** Side Note*****

You might occasionally come across the threaded handlebars, but these are mostly designed for road bikes. Since it is harder to manually adjust these handlebars, it is recommended that you take the bike to your local bike shop. If you ruin the threaded design, it could be very frustrating for you to fix and also quite expensive.


If you need to know how to raise handlebars on a mountain bike, you have come to the right place. We hope this step by step guide helps you fix your handlebar height into a comfortable position. Once you have your bike set up correctly you will feel the confidence needed to tackle any trail.

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