Top 10 Best Gift Ideas For Mountain Bikers

Mountain biking requires a lot of gear, so finding the right gift idea for a mountain biker can be tricky. In this post are some suggestions on the best gift ideas for mountain bikers and where to buy them.

Bike enthusiasts often enjoy giving each other gifts that reflect their passion for riding. Whether you’re looking for something practical or unique, we’ve go you covered to help you choose the perfect present.

How to pick the best gift for a Mountain Biker

This exciting sport requires proper gear to keep you safe. Whether you’re new or just looking for something for someone, there are plenty of great gifts for mountain bikers.

First is to talk to the person you’re buying for to learn more about what they need or want. This is a great opportunity to have them tell you exactly what they will like.

Second you need a gift that’s easy to find and have it shipped to you or your loved one/friend. Amazon is a great place to find tons of great mountain bike gifts along with backcountry and many others.

Third is to go over this article to review what products are the most popular. Now lets get to the top 10 best gift ideas for mountain bikers!

1) Mud Guard

Mountain bike mud guards are a great gift for avid riders. Not only are they great for deflecting mud, dirt and grim, they look awesome.

Mud guards come in many different sizes and shapes and mostly go on the front wheel but can be used for both. Some key parts to look at are the straps or ties to make sure they will be compatible on the bike.

Unless you’re buying this for yourself, make sure you know the color of the bike this will go on. As we mentioned above, do your homework and if all else fails, black is probably the safest color to go with.

Take a look at this mud guard from Mucky Nutz. These are great gifts and mud guards for mountain bikes.

mtb gift

2) Bike Bag

There are lots of different kinds of bags available for mountain bikes. They come in various sizes and materials, so you should choose one based on how much gear you plan to carry. Look for a bag that has multiple compartments and pockets for organizing your gear.

Bike bags aren’t very big if they are the kind that attach to your bike and might be limited with how much you can carry. Also, depending on your bike design will be a factor when you need to tie this off to the frame.

Check out this bike bag from RockBros that can hold your phone too.

gift for mtb

3) Bike Light

When it comes to bike lights you will want lots of light that show you the trails. You’ll need a good quality bike light to make sure you see where you’re going at night. If you ride during the day, you wont need it, but if you ride after dark, you’ll definitely want one.

An LED Headlight can make a huge difference when riding during the later hours. Riding at night on trails you normally ride during the day are totally different and almost like riding in a completely new place.

Check out this bike like Ascher with an ultra bright USB rechargeable light.

great gift for mountain bikers

4) Bike Lock

A bike lock is an essential piece of equipment for any mountain biker. It’s also a great gift idea for anyone who loves riding bikes and wants to secure it.

Mountain bikes can be costly and once you get a new bike you’re going to want to keep it safe and secure. If you’re just starting out or buying a gift for someone, bikes can cost anywhere from $500 for cheap box store brands up to $8,000 for high end brands.

Check this bike lock out from Via Velo with a U-Lock perfect for securing your bike.

best gift for mountain bikers

5) Bike Pump

All bikes have tires that end up flat at some point. A bike pump is important for all types of riders and bikes. Some bikes have tubes and others are tubeless but still require air and a pump to fill them.

A good pump has a gauge on it that will show you the pressure in the tire and great for setting the right tire pressure. Most riders like to ride with there tires at a certain PSI that help them ride certain trails. Tubeless tires allow for much lower pressures and better performance.

Here’s a great pump mountain bike floor pump from Vibrelli.

top gift for mountain bikers

6) Grips

Bike Grips are one part of the bike that always needs to be replaced and perfect for gifting. Mountain bikers are constantly in contact with bike grips and most wear down over time.

Good bike grips will help support your hands while riding for better control riding trails. You will find grips that can slip onto the handlebars or they have grips that will lock on with small clamps.

Check out these mountain bike grips from Fifty-Fifty with lock on.

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7) The Most Comfortable Seat

A comfortable mountain bike seat is great for riders and one of the biggest complaints of newbies. If you get your bike or seat from a bike shop they can measure your sitting bones to help find the right seat.

If a bike shop isn’t an option and you need to find the right seat, follow the reviews mostly and research for mountain bike seats. Below is a great seat that most find comfortable but to be specific, do some research.

Check this one out from WTB for comfort.

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8) The Ultimate Backpack

When it comes to backpacks with mountain biking we’re talking about hydration packs that can be used for water and gear. Hydration packs are great gifts that most riders will enjoy.

Hydration packs are backpacks with a water reservoir for long rides and multiple pockets for your gear and tools.

This hydration pack from CabelBak is one of the best and perfect for gifting.

mountain bike gift

9) Bike Tool

A bike tool is always needed when you’re out riding. Flats always occur and parts always need to be adjusted. The right bike tool can help you out of most situations to get you back on the trails.

If you’re stuck on what to buy someone for mountain biking, a bike tool is a go to for it’s convenience and needs. Every rider uses a bike tool at some point and a good one will help.

See this great bike tool from Crankbrothers that can do it all.

gift for mountain biker

10) Gloves

Last on our list of 10 is mountain bike gloves. Bike gloves are another great gift because mountain bikers all need these. The one issue you might find is getting the right size. This may take a little investigating or homework.

Follow the size tool and reviews for these to help you determine what gloves to go with.

Here is a great pair of mountain gloves from Inbike that comes in 5 different colors.

best gift ideas for mountain bikers


It can be tricky to find the right gift ideas for mountain bikers but I’m sure you found a good one in the post. Remember to pay attention to what they like about biking and when they ride.

There are so many reasons why people enjoy riding bikes. One of those reasons is because they love being outside. Riding a bike gives you an opportunity to explore new places and see things you wouldn’t normally see. And finally, there’s nothing better than getting away from it all and enjoying the fresh air.

If you’re unsure what to get most mountain bikers will love any of the gift ideas above and be happy that you though of a bike gift for them.

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