10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in New Mexico

No wonder, the state of New Mexico is filled with some great mountain bike trails. No matter what kind of rider you are and what your skill set is, if you are down in New Mexico, then you need to check these trails out for sure.

Mountain bike trails in New Mexico are breathtaking. This land of mountains and deserts has some of the most extraordinary geographies within the US. Plus, New Mexico is well known for its food. You can get ready for a wonderful trip to this side of the state.

Today, we will reveal mountain biking in New Mexico, and we are listing down the top 10 mountain bike trails in New Mexico.

So keep reading.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in New Mexico

Here we highlight the top mountain bikes trails available in New Mexico. This is by no means the complete list of every mountain bike trail the state has to offer, but there should be something for everyone. Regardless of your skill level, New Mexico offers some of the best mountain bike trails in the country for all.

1.   Angel Fire Resort – Angel Fire

If you don’t know about this resort wheel, it’s one of the best lift-served riding resorts in the country’s southwest region. If you are looking for some intermediate mountain bike riding experience, this is the right place. The downhill ride that you will experience here will not be asking too many questions, so you will handle it pretty well.

But some corners need to be tackled carefully. The resort also provides you with a wonderful experience when it comes to cross-country riding. You can also go to the South Boundary Trail for the mega Epic adventure.

2.   South Boundary Trail – Taos

This 22-mile route will throw a little bit of everything at you. You will begin with a long and stiff rock climbs that go all the way up to 10,700 feet. And from there, you can find your route if you have an adventurous side in you.

After that, it’s all about riding the miles on fast bench cuts right through the aspens and pines. You will end up with a 2600 feet plummet right to the valley floor. If you are looking for an epic ride, then this is it. But keep in mind that you will need to have some serious mountain biking skills for this New Mexico mountain bike riding trail.

3.   High Desert Trail – Gallup

These trails will take you right into the desert if you are not looking to go to the mountains. This location is laid on the far west end of New Mexico, and it is almost directly under Fruita, which is located on the eastern border of Colorado. This trail has a Fruita-like appearance and feels as well.

The trail has three different stacked loops of a flowing desert. This palace is also home to the annual Dawn ‘Till Dusk Enduro race and features a pretty interesting racecourse.

4.   White Mesa – San Ysidro

If you are interested in riding unique geographies, then we would suggest you go for the White Mesa. This trail has been carved up by the Bureau of Land Management, and they have done a nice job in carving the eight miles single track in the unused land.

Most of the riders love to hammer out the hardpack while going through the empty yet scenic desert. If you love to ride through the rocks, this trail needs to be right on your list. You won’t find much greenery here, but the track is a true New Mexico mountain bike trail because of its rocky mountain and desert appearance.

5.   Otero Canyon – Tijeras

This trail is nearer to Tijeras, but the trail also gets some of its glory for being close to Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico. But that is not the only reason why Otero Canyon gets a lot of attention.

Even if it would have been remote, riding the trail here would have been loads of fun. Most people think that the trail here is pretty small, but the actual trail is pretty long and pretty complex. It is spanned across the Manzanita Mountains in the southern part of the city.

This trail has something for every rider. There are big climbs, but they are pretty entertaining. Long miles of cross country riding is there too. This trail is all about sweet descends and rocky chunks in between. It’s pretty special, and if you are looking to explore the area while testing your mountain bike skills, this trail is for you.

6.   Winsor Trails – Santa Fe

This trail begins just before the Santa Fe Ski Area. You can access it right from the parking lot. Winsor trail has plenty of descents, and they are pretty quick. The technical section has all of that, and it is better suited for more expert riders.

The drops are mostly before the forest road crossing, and from there, these drops begin to fade away. But the trails become much faster from there. It will continue to drive you in and out of the road and end up on the pavement.

You can continue to ride after the end and reach the intersection at Bishop Lodge Rd. You will have to turn right from there, and after a mile and a half, you will reach the Tesuque Village Market. And this is where you park it to end your ride and eat something. You can ride the trail both ways, but, it is done by the shuttle from top to bottom.

7.   Dragon’s Back Trail – Jemez Pueblo

This trail is a south-to-north track and features some gradual climbs and some descents right along the Mesa Ridge. This track is pretty smooth, with only a couple of difficult sections around the corner.

There are times when you will notice that the track has become bumpy and narrow around the places. You will need to stay focused in these sections of the track as you will be exposed to. Some deep sinkhole-type characteristics develop when cracks develop in the underground gypsum.

You may find them pretty interesting to ride through, but they are only good to see and are a bit too dangerous to ride, so stay away from them. This section of the trail is finished with the loose descent that will end where you can continue right along the ridge or just drop down to your left on the Dragon Back Connector.

8.   Cedar Creek Downhill Trail – Ruidoso

If you are adventurous and have the right kind of skills, this New Mexico mountain bike trail is going to test you pretty well. The expert trail was started only in 2017 and has quickly gained some popularity among expert bike riders.

There are various rock gardens here and there as well as jumps and a 1.3-mile descent. You can access it by climbing from the nearby trails that will travel past the water tank right near the highest point in this trail system.

This trail has several signs and boards that guide the riders against the trail ahead. Cedar creek is for expert riders. The trail descends right from the word go, and all the bumps, rocks, jumps, and ramps will come ahead.

9. Chili Dog – Pecos

Here is another epic trail that is present right on the Chili Dog Access Rd. And right from the beginning, it begins to reward you with plenty of obstacles. This track is also suitable for only expert riders because there is plenty to watch out for.

There are numerous pedaly and twisty sections on this trail, and you are in for a pretty wild ride. After that, the track will get steep. From here, you will go through a pretty fast but straightforward path. It will funnel right into a reversal that is fully littered with roots and rocks. This is the first of the biggest features in this trail.

You can approach this rock in three other ways as well. You can either ride around, roll or launch. Moreover, you will notice that the roll is made slightly tricky. It seems that it is pushing you to the 5-foot drop right onto the flat.

Here you will have to trust your tires and keep looking ahead. Staying higher to your left is the goal. Because you will be able to launch a little diving board drop right on the slab landing below. From there, you will have to go for another chunk and then a long and fast section again. It will be riddled with longer slabs. Next up is a steep right rock roll and then a sharp left, and you will be in the final section.

You will experience some of the beautiful views at the top that have been used by the advertisers to sell this track. This area has one of the smoothest drops at Glorieta if you can ignore the run-outs and run-ups.

10. Jagged Axe – Pecos

This track is available on the Jagged Axe Access Rd. It is about 1.75 miles long, and it will begin with a smooth descent right into drainage. But after that, it will turn into a steep-angled hike-a-bike. It’s not the most well-routed track because it was built in a hurry back in 2016 for the Big Mountain Enduro.

From there, you will reach a point where you remount your MTB and begin your ride. This track has a swoopy and flowing descent and has some beautiful panoramic views. And this is the part where the fine ride begins. There are some tricky fast corners, and there are some rock sections as well. This track is pretty fast and technical.

Final Word

Mountain bike trails in New Mexico are pretty versatile. You will find a trail for every kind of rider, where you are on your MTB for a casual ride or for testing out your skills. These trails in New Mexico will surely bring the fun side of mountain biking. You will also find some of the best tracks equipped with facilities and breathtaking views.

So when are you planning your trip to this part of the country?

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